My Interest in the Role of Accounting in Business

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Ever since I studied accounting at Fife High School, I have developed an interest in the role of accounting in business. Becoming an accountant was now my goal. Being engaged in my father’s work motivated me to pursue the career. I volunteered to collect, analyze and record the donations received for the non-profit organization, Malaria No More. I have applied what I have learned from school to a real life situation. From this experience, I became even more interested to learn about accounting and finance.

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I am currently studying the next and final accounting class, Accounting II. I will be learning economics in the second half of my school year. I have taken up Manufacturing and Marine Biology. I have signed up for these classes as I developed an interest of learning new skills and obtaining knowledge I had never learned.

Previous subjects I learned have given me useful knowledge, and the understanding which I can apply to many other areas. For instance, learning multiple languages has helped start conversations in many countries where I have been studying. Learning four new languages had helped me communicate with other students in UAE and Singapore. The human aspects of my Geography and History class have given me the ability to understand important global events and trends in the community. Through English, I have learned and improved my speaking and writing skills, giving the confidence to display my thoughts and ideas.

Being Certified to use Microsoft Office has allowed me to help classmates and my father on using the software and its outstanding capabilities. Because of this, I am familiar in using spreadsheets. During weekends, I attended Ossia Music School to play the classical guitar. I have placed third in the national competition for the school. Outside of school, I enjoy reading my father’s books. I read books on statistics, business management, economics, and accounting. I have learnt new concepts and I am always eager to learn and teach myself new things. I enjoy the association of my friends as we eat, study and travel together. Having friends with goals to be successful, pushes me to obtain the same thing. I want to reach my full potential and have my skills be useful. As a student, I have always been ambitious to pursue higher education, whether in college or in university, as I have a good attitude in learning many new things that will benefit me.

The thought of me of pursuing higher education makes motivated and determined to succeed as learning a new course gives me a challenge. From studying at college, I plan to develop my skills and continue to learn and apply knowledge I obtained to pursue a career in a financial and accounting profession.

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