My Interest Towards the Analytics Program


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My career path has circled around computer science majorly as a software engineer but I would like to go to a higher notch to expand my knowledge in the field of analytics. This is my field of desire since I will be exposed to different concepts making my professional career grow and will also lead to an advantage in an application. Besides Georgia Tech having a reputable and credited program, they also provide advanced and proper training to their students. This way, the students will be able to advance in their learning at the same time; they will be able to work.

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Currently, I am pursuing my masters in computing science at Georgia Tech in the OMCS program and am able to spot out the benefits in my software engineering program. I joined this program just after graduating from college and through an application of knowledge gained in during my first two years from the masters; I was promoted from an entry-level position at GM. The experience shows that Georgia Tech is the best school to advance in.

When I was working in General Motors as a software engineer, I was subjected to knowledge discussions about machine learning projects organized by the GM and some of the analytics are done within the application that I am currently developing on. This also raised my desire to study analytics at Georgia Tech where I am pursuing my masters. I have also engaged in a personal side project to explore machine learning tools such as tensor flow and other used learning materials such as Kaggle. This raised more interest in doing analytics. By doing masters in analytics, this will increase my practical knowledge of this field.

The genesis of my interest towards the analytics program began when I was doing my undergraduate program in college. I was engaged with projects that had diverse topics such as data mining, math and economics. We drew Google search data and Twitter data and performed sentiment analysis on the data then compared it with the stock market in order to derive a trading algorithm. We used diverse tools within the apache frame including the Hadoop to carry out real-time event processing. This was really fascinating to me and I want to advance in that line. This brought the thought of advancing my studies in that field.

During my OMCS program at Georgia Tech, I was able to note that they have advanced their learning and they are able to educate me on how to assimilate machine information into my own benefit and understanding. The knowledge-based stimulated intelligence of a machine is learned during analytics. This will advance my knowledge at my workplace. This will be advanced when I pursue masters in analytics. All the loopholes that I have not learned would be covered during the course outline.

Another reason as to why I would like to advance in analytics at Georgia Tech is that I have had a smooth ride while pursuing my online course. This brings more urgency to continue my studies in the same school.

My main goal in attaining masters in analytics is to move into a new career position that will require my knowledge and expertise in analytics. I currently work in the manufacturing segment. We develop software used in GM manufacturing plants. I basically work on several projects including one that is designed to track the performance of the plant workers. GM has recently been growing its manufacturing segment to support software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. All those positions can be acquired when I pursue analytics. Beside knowledge being acquired, this will lead to growth at my personal level at the workplace.

Analytical tools track or computation data analytics track is the specialization which I intend to pursue. This path will help me focus on quantitative methodology and learn how to analyze models or learn more about big data. Through interacting and collaborating with professors and students and taking OMCS courses I understand the effort required to complete a program at Georgia Tech along with mating balance with work and life. The Analytics program at Georgia Tech is a world-class program and I see this as an opportunity to expand my knowledge to achieve my career goals.

Not leaving behind that Georgia Tech is also one of the top-ranked graduate schools for computer science. This shows that the level of studies are advanced and this gives me a higher chance to get promoted in my area of work.

I have gained marvelous respect for the efforts of the academic department of Georgia Tech during my time as a student. This respect comes from the rigor of the OMCS program and from the interaction with the teachers and students. Through my exposure at Georgia Tech, I have been able to foster character though times of adversity while developing in my career and education. As a proud associate at Georgia Tech, I plan to approach the analytics program with eagerness to uphold the integrity of being a Georgia student. I consider it a privilege to be a member of the Georgia Tech community and would be honored to enroll in the analytics program at Georgia Tech.

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