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Electrical and electronic engineering is a field that spans from the National Grid, to solid state drives, to carbon nanotubes in processors, and this breadth is what intrigues me about the subject. I want to learn about all the electronics in our daily lives and beyond, and studying EEE is the best way for me to pursue this interest.

I am very interested in computer hardware, and in 2017 I successfully built my own PC after months of research. This was an excellent experience in practical work, and I taught myself all the steps of building a computer. It was also an exercise in troubleshooting when it didn’t initially boot up and I had to procedurally rule out various issues until I figured out the problem and fixed the header at fault. This reinforced my interest in electronic engineering, and I hope to undertake more personal projects after gaining more experience in the subject. Another up-and-coming field which I find interesting is electric vehicles, which have made a powerful comeback in the past few years. This was my topic of choice for a research project in physics, and reading around it was what really piqued my interest in both electric vehicles and green electricity as a whole.

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In anticipation for some of the programming modules featured in EEE courses, I have completed a Python course on Codecademy. My main goal was to get a feel for syntax and generally working with code in order to get a good foundation for university, as well as for some hobbyist side projects. The end goal I have set myself is creating a game of my own design.

Participating in the Engineering Education Scheme taught me about the job of an engineer, and working in a team developed my leadership skills. We produced a report on a Hyperloop route that we designed ourselves; every aspect of it had to be considered, from safety features to energy consumption, and in the end I achieved the EDT Gold Industrial Cadet award. During the scheme I took the opportunity to ask the engineers with us about their job, and their answers assured me that engineering was the right path for me to take.

Wanting to learn more about physics in general, I have attended the Wednesday evening physics lectures that the University of Birmingham has hosted this year. One of particular interest to me was presented by Orla Murphy from JLR, who talked about her career as an electronic engineer. This talk encouraged me to pursue EEE as both an interest and a career path. I have also pursued my interest in physics by attending a physics masterclass at the University of Cambridge last February, which improved my problem-solving skills significantly.

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