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My International Pursuit Of Global Energy Security

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My lifelong international pursuit of global energy security began when my family struggled to survive the winters of Ulaanbaatar, the world’s coldest capital, after the USSR collapsed and stopped its fuel subsidies to my country, Mongolia.

In my quest for answers, I have stayed true to my ancestors’ guiding principle on diversity and first studied abroad by majoring in economics at the University of Texas at Austin. My ancestors were right about the illuminating effect of multicultural settings on character development. The leadership lessons of students from over 30 different countries that I learnt at the Asian American Leadership Institute made me a global opportunist by broadening my horizons. Fascinated by the mighty American financial system through my investment management experience at Green Coast Capital in New York and at Merrill Lynch in Houston, I thought that I, too, could unlock the power of capital to change the energy situation back home, initially in business and eventually in government.

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Upon my return home, I became an integral part of Mongolia International Capital Corporation, the organization that pioneered investment banking in the world’s final frontier to empower the frontier’s underserved energy businesses. The chance to collaborate with Americans and Australians to advise the Government of Mongolia on its privatization of the world class Tavan Tolgoi coking coal deposit highlighted to me the transformative effect of international capital markets on a newly opened economy and the tangible benefits of working in an international team. Here, I was recruited to the Office of the National Security Council of Mongolia.

My transition to public service positioned me at the very center of global pursuit of energy security. By bringing the sense of progress the private sector instilled in me and recommending open market policy choices to His Excellency, Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj, the President of Mongolia, I advanced some of the most controversial multilateral agreements on oil shale and uranium exploration, between Mongolia, France, America, and Japan, enhancing the energy security of not only Asia but also America and Europe. The rare opportunity to influence the economic security policies at the highest level of government maximized my exposure to the strategic issues arising from the unequal distribution of the world’s energy resources, grew my comfort with managing disagreements on such complex issues, and boosted my confidence with inviting international perspectives on those issues.

Ultimately, I wish to pursue a multicultural MBA program where I can explore how technological advancements and entrepreneurship catalyze more open and innovative changes in foreign policies and improve global energy security. After graduation, my short term goal is to expand the use of cleantech in Mongolia, the world’s final energy frontier by building my home country’s first ever utility scale solar power plant. This development will add credibility to me and ultimately allow me to accomplish my long term goal. My long term goal is to unleash the combined power of international capital markets and open commodity markets to strengthen global energy security.


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