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My Interventions As The Social Specialist

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Social work intercessions are intentional activities we embrace as specialists which depend on information and understanding gained, aptitudes learnt and values received. In this manner, mediations are learning, abilities, comprehension and qualities in real life. Mediation may center around people, families, networks, or gatherings and be in various structures relying upon their motivation and whether mandate or non-order. Social work mediations are chosen based on the issues, needs and qualities of the customer. These are resolved because of a psychosocial evaluation directed by the social specialist. In starting gatherings with the customer, the social specialist will acquire broad data from the customer to build up a point by point and complete comprehension of the customer. The evaluation will be utilized to build up a treatment plan with the customer, in which intercessions, activity steps and wanted results are indicated.


DAY 1(25/07/18): the journey started on this day when I visited the spread Islam foundation charitable trust and had a meet with Mr. Mohammed Seharai Desai who guided me through the working hours. Being the first day I was been introduces to the staff in the organization.

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DAY 2(26/07/18): Being the second day I was taken to the operational level management where the day to day operations such as file maintenance and other activities.

DAY 3(27/07/18): on this day I was introduced to the diverse activities that take place within the organization that include education, old age help, charity and many more.

DAY 4(28/07/18): I was taken to the operation management department which engaged in the daily management of the activities of the organization.

DAY 5(4/08/18): the organization engages in a lot of field work which includes seminars and workshop. On this day a workshop was conducted for the students that was relating to the education perspective. I had the opportunity to meet the students and understand their background and their views and perspectives regarding education and career in future.

DAY 6(7/08/18): There was a preparation of a video regarding the basic issues in the society.

DAY 7(17/08/18): as there was a calamity that hit the city Kerala and there was a huge loss for life and property. The organization provided a helping hand by providing certain basic necessities required for living and donated certain amount for the relief. There was a need to maintain records of stock and how many units have been given.

DAY 8(22/08/18): the volunteers including me packed the occasional food kit that was to be distributed among the people.

DAY 9(28/08/18): there was a book fair held at different venues therefore to spread awareness there was social media marketing done by the volunteers.

DAY 10(11/09/18): I had a brief discussion about the old age homes as I has no opportunity to visit the old age home location.

DAY 11(13/09/18): There was a raising fund program that would be held in October so there was a brief report making to know the requirements needed.

DAY 12(14/09/18): it was my last day at the organization.


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