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Everybody has a memory or story that defines them: whether it is negative or positive, that’s different for everybody. For me, however, it wasn’t all black and white when I moved from Puerto Rico to Spring when I was five years old. Even at that age, it has helped define and create the many characteristics and habits that I have in the present.

For the first few years of my life, I lived in San, Juan Puerto Rico in a town near mountains and the oceans. It was a colorful and plant-filled place and I lived around many of my family members and friends. I grew up in Puerto Rico sociable and outspoken because many others being the same, but it wasn’t before long when something changed that. My dad was offered a job in an oil company as a manager and decided it would be better, financially, to move there permanently. I was too young to understand what was going on and, after a few months, my parents, and my sibling moved. It took a while to be situated into a house and school, but when we finally did, that’s when the most factors that influenced my life started happening.

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When I got to go to school in Hassler Elementary for the first grade, I noticed a lot of things contrasted greatly from my past school and this new one. For example, I was a year younger than everyone in my class since we start school earlier where I was from. I was often embarrassed that they would ridicule me for my age, so I tried to stop the teachers from telling them how old I was turning for my birthday and never telling anyone that questioned how old I was. It doesn’t seem like a big deal to others, but this memory has caused me to work hard to be smarter and more competitive, not wanting people to think that me being a year younger than everyone means that I’m not as smart as them or I am not capable to keep up with their pace academically. Another example is when I realized that people weren’t as expressive and sociable in the elementary I went to. I got in trouble often for speaking a little too loudly or speaking at the wrong time, so I tried to be quieter in classes and only speak when I’m allowed to. This also explains how I became so introverted and why I fear that I will be yelled at for talking too much in classes.

As you can see, this huge change in my early childhood has caused me to have many negative and positive changes in my life and my personality, but I would not change a thing from my past. Moving to Spring, Texas from Puerto Rico was a huge influence in my life, helping define my strongest and weakest spots and always constantly wanted to fix them or make them stronger. Since we cant really stop change to happen, we might as well embrace it and let it change us for the better.

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