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An intriguing provocative and rhetorical question would be, what I thought about my progress in writing. I begin analyzing this question by saying that, judging my performance is a challenge and for sure a tremendous struggle for most people, including myself. Nevertheless, there are many personalities deeply immersed in “self-confidence,” who claim to have no problems. God bless narcissists. From the very beginning of our class, I felt I would be climbing a hill with a huge bag filled with stones on my back. Additionally, I had a fear that my teacher would not understand me, due to my unfamiliar culture and writing style. However, all my stresses are now behind me. Thank God, I’m at the top of the hill. Even though I have struggled a lot with the definition essay this semester  I am proud to have presented a strong voice in all my essays and do believe that my essential progress in writing will be important for my career.

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I can assume we all have something in which we are really bad, and my weakness is writing. As soon as I received the task to write a definition essay, indescribable fear gripped me when I first started writing it. I argued with my inner being about whether the teacher would understand my essay and how I should do it right. Since the definition of the essay does not provide only a single meaning of the term, it must also be clearly defined and supported by relevant evidence and examples. Moreover, the definition of the chosen term should be formulated in your own words, without any scientific definition, which is extremely difficult. In addition to this personal experience between me and the word, I felt that the whole assignment was like a spear stuck in my chest. Looking back, I can say that task was hard, but by the way, now my definition essay significantly differs from my other definition writing in classes. The cause of this difference can be explained by the ability of my mentor to teach and, perhaps, by my impressive changes in thinking in English. Even though I experienced the definition of say writing, it is still difficult for me to do it perfectly, and I will work on that.

Even though I struggled a lot with writing, I am proud to have presented a strong voice in all my essays. I used to write many essays in my native language with various methods and styles, but I did not utilize one of my favorite methods in English called the humorous method. The ability to utilize a satirical style while writing an essay and giving it my voice makes me feel particularly specific in writing. Feasibly, one of my most effective ways and writing styles represent a descriptive style because I can display to the reader my character without producing an essay overwhelmingly boring. Fortunately, when writing this style there were no restrictions or obstacles, and my soul was allowed to free my imagination and description of the topic.

In addition, I believe, that my perfect writing will be important for my career. It doesn’t matter what field or major an individual is going to pick, the correct writing it’s universally helpful. First, when it comes to looking for a new job my good writing skill will be crucial because will show my intellect. In the career, an important place can communicate verbally, organize, and also possess excellent writing skills. Qualified success will not come because I have done something for my benefit, but because my achievements will be meaningful and useful for someone else: my team, company, and customers. Moreover, in my opinion, knowledge of English and proper grammar will give me emotional and spiritual comfort and a sense of personal fulfillment. If my hard work in learning English does not automatically lead to success in my career, it will not be a big loss, because others will need to find meaning in my writing.

In conclusion, even though this semester caused some struggles and challenges, like the definition essay, it also gave me a chance to demonstrate the humorous quality I’m proud of and gave me confidence that writing would be important for my subsequent career. Moreover, this course instilled in me confidence in my writing and helped to improve my writing style, but more difficulties await me.

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