My Leadership Experience for Chevening Scholarship

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My Leadership Experience For Chevening Scholarship

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  • The Importance of Leadership in Society
  • My Journey as a Young Leader in Chevening Scholarship
  • Showcasing Leadership Skills for Chevening Scholarship

The Importance of Leadership in Society

There cannot be any society without a leader who is either born or made as one. Any society is defined by its leaders. Leadership position entails skills such as trust, good communication, sacrifice and self-denial to achieve the overall goal of any society. Leadership has always been viewed as a delicate one, this is because I understood that even the least of the society would be affected positively or negatively by every bit of decision I make as a leader, hence the need to rightly decide as a leader.

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My Journey as a Young Leader in Chevening Scholarship

This view has helped me have an in-depth assessment of situations before making any decision as a leader. I have been operating in one form of leadership position or the other since I was young. Even though, as the last born of a family of seven who supposed naturally to receive instruction, but found myself making some crucial decisions that affects my siblings. This helped me to live an exemplary life when I was called into a leadership position in my first years in the university. I served among the central executives of The Apostolic Church Students’ fellowship of Nigeria; TACSFON, University of Ibadan Chapter between 2006 and 2010 as the Kuti Hall Representative, Assistant General Secretary and Head, Ushering and Decoration Unit.

I coordinated members of my hall and the units, my responsibilities were; coordination of weekly meetings and meeting various needs that affect the livelihood of my members. I was a member of committees like Fresher’s welcome, Alumni Reunion, Executive selection, to mention but a few. After leaving the university, my first appointment was as the Librarian of SS. Peter and Paul Major seminary, Ibadan. This was a challenging opportunity, because the previous librarian left two years before my appointment; this created a leadership gap in the library. I was able to reorganize the library by converting all book resources from Dewey Decimal Classification into Library of Congress, I developed the E-Library section, I developed the reading list according to the academic curriculum of the institution, I managed all workers and the annual budget of the library was judiciously managed with accountability, I left the seminary 17months later to National Orthopaedic Hospital, Igbobi, Lagos (NOHIL). I realized that leadership is more about personality than appointment, because I have been able to exhibit leadership skills in the cause of my duties in NOHIL.

Showcasing Leadership Skills for Chevening Scholarship

I headed an Acquisition committee of the library in 2015, I worked with Physicians, Pharmacists, Technologists, Nurses and other stakeholders in the hospital. Also, I have been severally delegated by the head of the library to represent him at the monthly Heads of unit meetings, also to develop correspondence from the library and other responsibilities of the head of the library. I cannot conclude that I am a fully matured leader, but I am still learning and still want to learn more about the arts of good leadership and I am confident that Chevening scholarship will alleviate my yearnings of becoming a good leader to my country.

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