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My Life Lesson Learned Narrative

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“Eeeek!” My scream mirrored in a large area enveloped by significantly tall trees. My mother who had been cooking dinner in the kitchen, dashed towards me as she heard my screech. She was horrified when she found me stuck between two decaying logs. I was ceasingly murmuring in misery. Quickly, she tugged and rushed me into the house. Everyone became agitated. All eyes began to widen in shock as my brother begins to seek help.

Everything was going well a few minutes ago. I was casually taking my daily adventure within the wooded area hidden behind my house. There was a thought that kept barging into my mind as my feet trudge through the thick mud. The thought began to lure me into a dangerous path. It was nothing but a dark, delirious path a few feet ahead of me. It filled with sharp, decaying logs in which were incredibly unsturdy. I had not seen this path before. It may have slid past my eye as I repeatedly focused on my usual path. One had explained that it was “the nature’s pit” in which was formed after a previous storm. It filled with wood, pins, needles, and sharp rocks. I had not known that in the time. I began to feel a strong urge, pushing me to check what secrets are hidden behind the nature’s pit path. Then I did. Having never come across an interesting looking path of dark shadows, I was fascinated when I had seen it. I tried to reach down to grab a glistening stone below the sharp logs covering a small rivers flow. I could not succeed because of my short, branch like arms. I looked around in desire to find an object in which would clasp onto the sparkling rock. I light-heartedly decided to jump down into the pit. My shoes quickly began to fill with chilling water. As it turned out, the pit seemed to be relatively harmless when observing the outside, but clandestinely dangerous in the core.

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The pain rushing through my leg was so intense that I my hearing began to be blurry. A high pitched mumbling of a woman was becoming louder as the sound traveled closer to me. I braced myself and stared at my leg in shock. A sharp layered piece of wood worked its way through my pants and deeply into my baby soft legs. Blood and dirt began to work its way down my leg. It was such an appealing scene that I tried my best to distract myself by my surrounding until I was bandaged within the nearest health clinic. When I returned back home, I was handled with great care.

For the first week, I had troubles standing… let alone walking. This event unquestionably plunged myself straight into the darkness of depression. The empty room and no friendship company created boredom and pain in which became unbearable.

Although it was quite easy for me to overcome my depression, a deep regret for my act of foolishness kept dominating me for quite some time. Till this day, I still feel a feeling of regret when I speak of the event. I must learn to appreciate the life lessons this had taught me: to be thoughtful and to be knowledgeable.


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