My Meaningful Experience: Volunteering and Learning About Mental Issues

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In the past years, I have witnessed mental issues torture people around me. I still clearly remember that one of my best friends in elementary school who had depression, bipolar disorder and paranoia because of domestic violence. What’s worse, living in a family without love, the high expectation from her parents almost killed her. Later, I was totally shocked when I heard of her suicide. However, I cannot help her with the most suitable manner, which was a highly depressing feeling. It was one the biggest regrets in my lifetime. Since then, I have decided to study psychology so that I could help other families who are suffering the similar situations. I am highly motivated to understand and help this crowd so that they can earn a better life. In this case, as an aspirant student who has a strong sense of empathy to help more people, I am now determined to move on and apply for the program of Psychology at your university.

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With the willingness to others, I once volunteered at a local school in Thailand to teach the children English and help them to adjust their emotions. What I learned from this meaningful experience was that we should treat these children with love and patience, thus caring and protecting these left-behind children. Otherwise, it will lead to more serious psychological problems. To take better care of those students, I referred to some books and found that, in addition to the treatment of diseases and emotions, psychology helps people to understand and accept themselves. From then on, I became better aware that psychology could offer infinite possibilities and stimulate creative imaginations for problem-solving. It inspired me that the psychological phenomena in daily life should be analyzed from a scientific perspective, and in the future, more people will be helped to alleviate or even get rid of psychological distress. In my view, what I have acquired will definitely be of tremendous assistance to my further study. The skills I mastered include the guidance for children to regulate and control emotion, to adjust and to cultivate higher emotions on the one hand, and the methods to deal with interpersonal relationship problems and common psychological illnesses on the other. When I recalled these amazing experiences, I was still immersed myself into the wonderful memories. The satisfaction for seeking happiness and confidence made it irresistible to revise for greater achievement in my future.

I always believe that no one should suffer with an issue alone, which gave me further thought and profound interest in this discipline. Your university appeals to me with its time-honored history, high academic status and top-notch teaching faculty. Providing students with innovative concepts and concrete methods of psychology. Psychology will help me build a complete knowledge framework while reinforcing my problem-solving ability. Upon graduation, in the short-term, I hope to accumulate relevant experience through the work at hospitals. In the long-term, I will run my own psychological counseling studio or devote myself to the research on psychology. I am confident that my education experience at your university will empower me to turn my vision into reality.  

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