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My Mother Is a Hero

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Everyone has a hero that they love and admire, the one person you love and love about. Her name is Lilia, a wonderful woman who has dedicated her whole life to my sister and me. Since we were born, she told us that we were her princesses and that we were her world. Why is my mother a strong person? because she can get ahead and not run out of breath. She had no parents to support her and helped raise all her brothers and sisters.

We are proud to have a mother who cares about us, gives examples of how to be independent in life. She has incredible qualities, such as being a humble, persistent, honest, hard-working and focused woman who believes in her dreams and goals. One of her goals was to become a teacher, so she studied education, due to the obstacle of life and cancer, she could not finish her career. On February 19, 2006, we won a lottery in Peru for visas to come to the United States. When we arrived in the United States, we went to live at my uncle Marco’s house for a while, while my parents got a job. At the Newark International Airport, they worked cleaning toilets, floors, airplanes, they always had problems with work and language, but they were lucky enough to find a job. In 2012, my family received the worst news of our lives, my mother got sick and it was when the doctor told us that my mother had breast cancer, we cried a lot for her, but we had faith and we hoped that she would be cured.

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We process every time they did the chemotherapy and we suffer a lot. We never thought that in a year my mother was going to lose her hair. Her eyebrows, her nails were purple, she did not have eyelashes and everything because of her chemotherapy, but during a year of suffering, my mother fought like a warrior and thank God until now, five years and she is cancer free. In the article, (The Daughters of Eve), by Miriam Polster, when we go beyond the classic stereotype of heroes, we can see that many ordinary women and men are really heroes. This message means that when you have faith, wisdom, positive thoughts, like my mother, my heroine, I learned to love the value of my family’s sacrifices. I admire my mother because she had to suffer so much. My mother with her incredible smile is like a beautiful rose in a garden.

My mother will never be alone, she will be with me wherever she goes, without my mother, I would be nothing. She has my sister, me and my dad in a special place in her heart. She is alive and well, she is a champion, she has recovered since then and has advanced. In conclusion, I would like to thank my beautiful mother Lilia for giving me an education, for being a fighter, for being a hard-working woman, and for all the mothers in the world, we have to thank them and give them a hug., kiss her, and it always tells you how much you love her, how much you appreciate her and always have her in your life, but always help her if you need help, because life is too short, so thanks to my mother for everything.


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