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I write to express my deepest interest and enthusiasm to study a Master of Science degree in Cyber Security. My motivation in the information security arouses right during my undergraduate studies, particularly during an internship when I realised how imperative security solutions need to be examined, developed and ensured.

No doubt, any organisation whether big or small, individual and general public need to be inculcated on the need to improve this technological artefact. The only people to enable this are IT professional with sound skills in this area from such reputable and highly respected institution like the University of Salford. It is with this in mind, I consider choosing the course and particularly the university regarding the state-of-the-art infrastructure that are put in place.

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Secondly, among the important tasks we do to our national interest, particularly, Nigeria has in no question is battling with the security of whatever kind from physical issues such as kidnapping all over the state, insurgencies particularly in the northeast, oil bankruptcies in the delta etcetera. Sometimes it is these issues that are encapsulated and transformed to the modern day cyber-attacks and systems hijacking and manipulation.

Moreover, my very recent outing with the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) at its 13th International Conference on Information Technology for Sustainable Development, proved to me that we certainly need to embark on having enough manpower in this area. As Nigeria is considering IT to be among other alternatives for oil in its economic diversification campaign, these security issues exists and keep changing day and night and need to be tackled. It was unveiled that cyber security has caused Nigeria loss billion dollars in 2016. Also, according to the Economic Community of West Africa States (ECOWAS) it was failure to address this security issue that cause hike in tariff between the ECOWAS sub region. So economically, we are at setbacks.

I believe some of the causes of these myriad security challenges, especially in IT world are lack of adequate planning in the first place, inadequate technical knowhow, and indolent and not following the best practices in organisations.

Finally, I believe if in the long run, I am able to pursue this course I will definitely be well equipped to the needy greedy details with respect to developing, actualising and monitoring of information systems security. This will really empower me to the existing computing skills I have toward improving and safeguarding our national heritage and consequently to the wider international level at some stage— as security challenges are pervasive.

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