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My Motivation to Become an Expert Of Computer Science

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My interest in science dates back to my early years, I used to be overwhelmed with the idea that how the gadgets around me works, why the light bulb illuminates when I switch it on and how Robot works. I completed my secondary education in Pre-Engineering. That is the reason, I developed a great interest in the subjects like computer and mathematics from a young age that leds me to select Pre-Engineering as a major at intermediate level. I was in search of a field through which I could pursue my goals within my domain of interests. It was Computer Science, that I found capable of fulfilling all my requirements for higher education and providing vast field of opportunities to start a career. I had an aim to continue my higher education in Germany, but due to some family commitments and inconvenience I started my undergraduate degree in one of the best universities in Pakistan with an intention of getting admission in Post Graduate program after the completion of my Bachelor’s degree. I got admission in Bachelors of Science in Computer Science (honors, 4 year degree) program in “COMSATS University Islamabad” and have cleared the program successfully.

As a highly motivated undergraduate majoring in Computer Science at COMSATS University Islamabad, I have gained distinctive academic results, hands-on experience in Programming Languages, Electronics I, Software Engineering I & Software Engineering II, Visual Programming, Human Computer Interaction, Analysis of Algorithm, Digital and Logical Design, Computer Communication Network, Database Systems, Web Engineering and Distributed Database Systems. Besides courses listed on my transcript, I did a lot of experiments in relation to these courses. Furthermore, as a member of Software Engineering Society in university, I have taken the initiatives to organize numerous seminars and programming competitions. I also help my fellows in different subject where they are weak like basic Programming concepts, Database and Data structure. These experiences improved my leadership, responsibility, creativity and team work skill. Besides this, I am also doing freelancing with more than 3 years’ to get experience of international markets like, European Countries, USA, Canada and Australia etc. Working all through my study and earning all my educational and living expenses, I achieved independence, time management and optimum acting in tough conditions. I am a determined and industrious person. My passion for computer science is not baseless. The charm this field holds in itself is what attracts me. I have developed such a strong will to exploit the full potential of my field in the social and humanitarian service. I hope that being an expert of computer science will help me devise a methodology to help the law enforcement agencies in the implementation of law; I hope to offer my contribution to the field of health and medicine by devising software systems that might facilitate the hospitals to manage the patients in a more systemized manner.

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My actual purpose of applying for ”Master of Science in Computer Science” is to expand the scope of my knowledge as well as improve my skills in my field so as to create better opportunities for myself in the accomplishment of my aims. I wish in particular to be trained at an advanced level in Algorithm Theory, Performance evaluation of computer communication systems, Advance enterprise computing, Automotive Software Engineering, Database technology, Data warehouse and mining systems. My ultimate goal is to become an expert in Data and Software Engineering. It examines, organizes and large information sets. It involves a number of technical disciplines including development of infrastructure for testing and QA with statistics and predictable data. Its ultimate goal is to derive conclusions from seemingly random sets of data. The desire to acquire these skills is one reason why I am attracted to the MSCS program. IT industry in Pakistan is also flourishing day by day, business intelligence jobs are popping up in every sector, telecom, health, finance etc but there are very few highly skilled personnel in this field and I want to be one of them. Pakistan is an under developing country and has a lot of talent but very few opportunities. I have got this opportunity and I want to avail it and be highly skilled in this field by getting a degree from your university and polish my skills and then come back to Pakistan to serve my country by creating business opportunities for others by doing the thing that I love the most. From my experience and higher education which I will get from your country will benefit me to advance my proficiencies and will help in the development of my people and my country.

As I know Germany is number one in human development index country list obviously I would have a bright future there. Germany invests much of its budget annually in research and development. Many companies are well on the way to develop the advance systems in the field of technology. University is well known for its excellence in the information and communication technology field, complete with an accomplished faculty and modern research resource. I am also attracted by the program’s inventiveness and uniqueness. With students from various nations, it provides its students with a good chance to learn from different cultures. From vocational subjects to postgraduate and doctorate level, there are plenty of opportunities for students to fulfil their ambitions. I will also get benefit from the informal atmosphere at University, where teachers are easily approachable and research labs are highly equipped with latest technologies. It would, therefore, be an utmost blessing for me if I could have a chance to study in this University to carve my way to the long-desired destinations I desperately intend to achieve.Thank you for your time and consideration.


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