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My Motivation to Build a Career in Psychology

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The main purpose of applying to Brunel University London is to make a career change into psychology as well as to gain experience about individual differences.

I was very thrilled to find the opportunity to study master in psychology without the need to have relevant qualifications. During my prior studies, I have realized that I should convert to psychology for three reasons. First, it is the job I want to do for living, “It’s a difference of living your life for passion and not for a paycheck” Jennifer Welter. Second, I have always found myself drawn to psychology books more than agriculture books. Finally, I am often curious as to why people behave the way they do; furthermore, analyzing their behavior is something I do enjoy. Consequently, I have decided to apply for this program because I am sure it would strongly enrich my future studies and help me in my prospective career.I am looking forward to study individual differences, what are people like and what makes them that way? It is true that much of it comes under the heading of personality. However, there are other important differences between individuals – in intelligence, in memory ability, in perception etc.

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Cognition also is an interesting study area: “the way in which information is processed and manipulated in remembering, thinking, and knowing” Experience psychology. This course will give me a chance to deepen my psychological knowledge in one of the leading psychology departments in the UK.As mentioned above, I preferred reading and studying psychology books over agriculture books even during exams days. However, that did not deter me from being the second on my patch. Two books have increased my thirst for the subject; Experience psychology by Laura King, which inspired my inquisitive personality in addition to the multitude of real-world applications of psychology has also triggered my interest, for example, how a little dose of negative information can actually make consumers feel more positive about a product.

The second book is DSM-5 made easy by James Morrison, which gives descriptions for every mental disorder, with emphasis on those that occur in adult. With it, I can learn how to diagnose each one of them. During my bachelor study, I worked as a research assistant where I learnt the general procedure for experiments, moreover, I was involved in the experimental planning and gathering of data. Also, I worked as an agricultural engineer, thus I had to roam in farms, listen to the farmers and solve their problems. This job taught me a few things. First, I improved my listening skill. Second, I learnt how to speak a different language “farmer’s language”. Third, I learnt some soft skills, such as patience, emotional stability and problem-solving.

Recently, I finished my master degree in Italy, and through my journey there I picked up new skills, for instance, stress tolerance, empathy and the ability to treat others with understanding and respect, and quick adaptation to new environment. Work experience and reading have improved my ability to analyze people and society from counter perspectives, and have led me to develop an interest in the study of psychology. I have increasingly questioned the meaning behind unusual behavior, for instant, aggression and the significance of techniques we use as defense mechanisms, for example, humor.

Psychology is a topic that I will be convenient to as I thrive on debate. I plan to go onto a career in clinical and health psychology, so I can integrate science and theory in order to prevent and treat psychological disorder. Diagnosing and treating people with psychological problems, being psychiatric is what I wish to be. “I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.” ― Albert Einstein


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