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My Motivation to Further Learn The English Language

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My name is Hateem Alharbi, and I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. I have been living in America since I graduated from high school in 2014. I have learned English as my second languag and have been studying it for 2 years. Learing English has been complicated because I did not speak English at all when I fired moved here. Learning to speak and write English gives you motivation, helps you to communicate with people, and can even help you understand different cultures from many people in Ameriica.

My favorite story about struggling with English is when I travelled alone for the first time. My flight was from Almadinah, Saudi Arabia to Abu Dhabi, UAE, and the last stop in Los Angeles. It all started in Abu Dhabi’s airport where everything was in English and my phone did not work. I was stressed because everything was in English, and I had to look for Arabic people, otherwise I would have been lost. Finally a girl helped me to find my gate, I stayed in front of the gate for 10 hours, because I was afraid of missing the flight. I knew that I had made a major lifr decision moving here to America and if I wanted to continue living here I needed to communicate. so seeing the English letters a d not knowing what any of them meant motivated me to want to understand this new language called English.

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My English studies started as soon as I got to LA. I knew it was going to be hard for me to understand people. My brother picked me up from the airport and went to my brother’s apartment where his Americapn roommate started talking to me. It was the most awkward conversation I have ever had because I was unable to communicate. My brother was translated everything because I could not speak English at all. it wasnt until a few months after my language school that I was able to put my knowledge to use anod communicate with other students in English. Such complex language in so little time yet I was able to actually hold conversations and communicate with other people from different parts of the world. I can say through my personal experience that learning English is a powerful thing because so many people can speak it a d write it. I am so happy that I have experienced this adventure to meet people from different cultures. I have lived with people from different nationalities such as Americans, Brazilians, Japanese, Swiss, Swedish, English, Spanish and German. I have learned so much about cultures; like Brazilians mostly love to party and share food, Japanese are so quiet, very respectful. Honestly, I love this way of learning other languages and accents. Spanish people are very modest and they like to joke all the time. German people are insane about time, punctual, which I really respect. Finally, Americans I cannot really express my feeling because I met people from the same state but different attitudes.

Q international school was my English school and I’m very thankful because without English I would not have been able to come to understand these different cultures. After a year of learning English, the school administration nominated me to become a student ambassador and I won it. That effected my life positively. My motivation to continue to learn English is still at an all time high, Ive learned how to communicate with others more easily and I’ve been able to really understand people a d their different cultures all due to learning English. Without this language stating at me straight in the face at the airport, I would’ve been unmotivated to even try to understand whats going on around me I’m thankful for this new language and the doors its opened up for me.


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