My Motivation to Study Computer Science and Further Myself as a Developer

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The year is 2018, From Smart phones to Quantum computers to Washing machines. Computers are vastly integrated into our daily lives and are advancing at an exponential rate. We rely on them every day for just about anything. To me a computer is something that carries out operations and tasks to make life simpler, and it’s a fact that without these processes being executed our lives would be so much less than it currently is. For my A-Levels, I had chosen to do Physics, Maths and Computer science, since I knew very well that my future was in STEM. I believe Maths A-Level has aided me significantly as it’s helped me to process calculations faster and I know it will be beneficial at degree level since Maths and Computer science are heavily interlinked. Physics A-Level has also been a great help understanding what goes on inside a computer in terms of hardware and although it hasn’t been a hobby I’ve been able to pursue, I still do a great deal of research into it and whenever the opportunity arises I always make sure to take it, for example helping a friend build a drone which was some of the most fun I had. I am always excited to learn more, especially at degree level.

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Outside of school I spend a lot of my time doing independent learning for various languages such as Ruby, Python, Java, and Lua (which I have chosen to use for my computing coursework). I am deeply intrigued by the elements that bind and glue a program together and allows it to execute complex tasks at high speeds. It inspires me to be creative and make my own programs. I enjoy making simple games, my favorite type being RPGs. I consider myself to be a creative person, I’ve spent that past 6 years teaching myself how to draw, and I implement this into the games I make. The majority of games I create haven’t been too demanding; I use a python program called RenPy which is a Visual Novel Game engine. It’s extremely helpful since it allows me to use two of my hobbies (coding and drawing) in a care free manner and allows me to express myself without stress. But currently I am working on a Game for my computer science coursework, using the multi-paradigm language Lua and the game engine Amulet, and although Lua is a relatively easy language to learn, actually creating a complex game from scratch is quite demanding and frustrating, but when I actually get something to work, the feeling I get was all worth the stress, it’s what I’m looking for in the future as a game developer. I am also listening to a podcast by Brian Christian and Tom Griffiths called Algorithms To Live By. It’s deeply insightful concerning the links between human decision making and maths.

Last summer I took part in a one-week work experience at the back end of Deliveroo. Being the first ever student they ever had at their company for work experience was overwhelming for them, but everyone was extremely welcoming including the CEO, which helped me to overcome the anxiety I initially felt. They showed me very insightful parts of being a software engineer, which helped encourage me to pursue this type of career. I also had the blessed opportunity of helping complete one of the workers tasks, which involved fixing an error on the Deliveroo website, using the language JavaScript. This all helped reassure my decision to pursue a career in the computer science field. I also took part in NCS, which was one of the best summer experiences I’ve had. I gained many skills and developed my confidence, team working and communication skills, which will be beneficial to me when working in a team.

I am excited to study computer science at degree level and further myself as a developer.

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