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Banksy and Thierry Guetta

The film, “Exit Through the Gift Shop” by the street artist Banksy in the year 2010. Which shows graffiti as a form of contemporary art, in this way the authors of such works are expressed in an art called street art. Banksy is an anonymous artist considers that what he does is illegality, and maybe that’s why he does not reveal his face, he considers himself the graffiti artist most famous for being an artist known worldwide for his work full of visual humor.

On the other hand, the film focuses the attention of Thierry Guetta, a French man who lives in Los Angeles with his family. He had his own business place where he had used clothes for sale. He was traumatized after the death of his mother when he was very young. Then Guetta becomes obsessive with his camera, he records everything he sees around him. That’s why he met some artists who were dedicated to express themselves in that artistic way in the streets. Thierry takes styles, ideas of how to capture his art, mainly by the great British artist who induces him to create his own art exhibition, and was successfully recognized, by taking loans from the work of other authors. The intention of these documentaries is to give an overview of what an artist is in the impact that street art has had in the world that has earned a place in the artistic expressions of today.

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Banksy’s Art

In the documentary, Banksy appears with his face covered, his distorted voice and it is practically impossible to locate because nobody knows who he really is. But while he is being interviewed, behind him on the wall you can see many things of art, drawings of different things and graffiti that could be created by him. Banksy is very famous for the art that he makes. Although for the police it can mean graffiti, he thinks that his art is interesting because he uses real images and some of the humor. The art that they use in the streets are the faces of famous people, cartoons, games, and that type of painting gets the attention of society because all the arts that they draw look professional.

A Mix of Documentaries

After Thierry and Banksy talk for the first time, they wanted to make a documentary about urban art with the millions of tapes stored by Guetta. Otherwise, Banksy advises him to start his own path as an artist. In this part, it seems that Banksy is interested in Thierry’s videos, and when he realizes that all the videos are a mess, Banksy thinks that he has mental problems. The whole movie has a mix of documentaries because first Thierry was addicted to his camera and then he left his camera to get into street art without knowing how to draw. The art caught Thierry’s attention and he started making his own painting to make more money. Thierry thinks that streets art is beautiful and fun. Which it is true, all the drawings they make are almost perfect.

Something Not Planned

The film does not have conventional tactics, it has a documentary aspect and therefore naturalized. It also seems that many of the images they use are not originally invented by themselves because they got it from other artists. Banksy in his appearance in street art gives a presentation to someone who is absent, someone always was hidden. Guetta was a clothes seller who was obsessed with his camera became a street artist. One that will have learned just to see and that will take over a profession that may not feel a real passion. In the point of view, this documentary comes as something not planned because it has many different films, some interesting and others not. The art that these people use some seem to be graffiti, but others are images that can mean art. Guetta wanted to make art as a beneficiary that would bring him more money, even if it was not what he liked the most.

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