My Opinion About the Vietnam Veterans Memorial by Maya Lin

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I strongly believe that the appropriateness of the Vietnam War memorial is completely acceptable in Washington D.C. because the heart is what counts, it does not matter of the size or the position in which the buildings are placed. It lists the names of all the brave soldiers who fought and died to achieve peace to save its citizens from danger. Though I do not support the Vietnam War by any means, my condolences and best wishes go out to all the 58,000 soldiers who risked their life to protect not only their own citizens, but their country. The dark black color represents their sacrifice during the war and contrasts it with the white text which depicts strength, unity, and serenity that through all the turbulent times, America will remain strong and heal has one binding nation. The effects were devastating as it caused rebellion and agony towards those people who were strongly against placing soldiers in danger and peril.

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Mrs. Lin was awarded first place for her effort for her memorial concept and as long as people continue to respect the place as a cemetery for veteran soldiers everything will be fine, however disrespecting such a valued place should not be permitted at any costs. She was voted best out of 1,421 entries submitted in the intense art competition. While it is true that some critics can successfully point out that black epitomizes the color of death and insults Americans by losing the war through interpreting the resolution as a low-spirited failure, however the architect Maya Lin had good intentions and wanted to show the citizens that her purpose was actually to establish that Americans need a heroic national memorial commemorated to those whose relatives that may have served during the war. White may represent purity, but ultimately it is the objective of peace that counts.

President Reagan has referred to the nation's Vietnam conflict as a just cause". I anticipate that he will unite the nation through the Vietnam speech and avoid another catastrophe as exemplified in the conflict to stop Communist insurgents in North Korea led by Ho Chi Minh. I led the moment of silence to respect and appreciate their efforts to keep generations of Americans safe. Without their contributions, no security would be provided and civilians wouldn't be safe, therefore as long as the monument was built for moral purposes, the actions taken by the architects who built it is permissible.

In conclusion, although the opposing viewpoint develops statements that can be debatable, on the contrary the color of the Memorial does not define Maya Lin's efforts to pay tribute to soldiers.

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