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  • Introduction
  • The Plot
  • What I Liked About the Novel
  • Conclusion


I’ve read quite a few books in my lifetime. There were a few I’ve loved, there were even a few I’ve absolutely hated. I can honestly say I’ve read more books that I hated than I actually write, mostly because reading just isn’t my absolute favorite thing to do, or simply because I am reading the wrong type of books. There is however, one book I’ve read that I’ve enjoyed immensely, so much that I’ve read it a second time because of the fact that I enjoyed it so much. The name of this novel is Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

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The Plot

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a story about this preteen kid named Greg Heffley who is about to start middle school. Greg has an older brother named Roderick who constantly picks on him and also a little brother named Manny who is very spoiled, bratty and never gets in trouble. Greg often loves playing video games and is not into sports (I’m not really into sports either), and because of this, Greg’s father disapproves of his lifestyle. While at school, Greg meets a classmate named Rowley, who is very immature, and the two end up being friends and they both joined the school wrestling team, but Greg eventually quits the team after losing to a nerdy kid named Fregley

What I Liked About the Novel

This particular Diary of a Wimpy Kid novel is one of a few Diary of a Wimpy Kid novels that have been published, and this novel was also made into a movie that was released back in 2010. The movie was okay but personally, I prefer the book over the movie because, of course, the book had more details. I really enjoyed this novel, simply because of the fact that it was very funny. I’m generally am not a comedy type person when it comes to reading books, but this particular one really stood out to me. The dialog was very humorous and on point and Greg’s personality is a little like mine’s. Like Greg is interested in playing video games, I’m also interested in playing video games as well, and I’m also not a sports fan either, but unlike Greg, I never get in trouble and most times, I just keep to myself simply because, I don’t really like people that much an I don’t know what some people are up to. Greg is a kid who wants to be a popular kid and pretty much, he does whatever it takes to be popular, which ultimately leads to him being in trouble but still, Greg does have a hilarious personality which is also why I loved this book so much. I also liked that this book has many pictures (mostly drawings because, it is written in the form of a diary) and often, the pictures can be humorous and describes the actions that occurs in the story.


Overall, I do recommend Diary of a Wimpy Kid to anyone who is into books with comedy. Though I’m not really a person who is into comedy books, I so happened to find this book quite hilarious, as I read it back in high school, and I’ve also seen the first two movies of the series as well. This book is part of a 13 book series, but I’ve only this first one and I’m planning on reading some of the others later on but so far, the first book of the series is very humorous and I’d recommend it to anyone, mostly preteens and up and If I could get this novel a rating on a scale of 1 to 10, this novel would definitely get a 10. Great storyline, excellent dialog, and excellent humor.

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