My Own Leadership Experience and Teamwork

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  I have various opportunities to prove myself to be a good team leader in my workplace. I am a good communicator, coordinator, and listener. Also, I have taken various approaches to teamwork, leadership, and management, to provide excellent care for newborns, infants, young people, and their families in my nursing career.

My experience for the last eleven years is with critically ill level 2 and 3 children in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) as a senior staff nurse for last 4 years and worked as a staff nurse for 6years in the same PICU and in this position requires me to show a variety of skills.

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My approach to leadership is variable, depending on whether I am required to be the leader or to take instruction from a leader. There is a clear hierarchy in my working environment, and so my approach to leadership depends on what my responsibilities are and who I am interacting with. All things considered, I am a democratic and participative leader. A democratic leader is a person who is distributing responsibility among the membership, empowering group members, and aiding the group’s decision-making process (Gastil, 2014). As per Edwin A. Locke (2014), states that “Participative leadership is any power-sharing arrangement in which workplace influence is shared among individuals who are otherwise hierarchical inequality.’

I work very well with my colleagues and multidisciplinary team members. I am extremely motivated by everything I perform. I love to see my juniors perform well under the title they work. I always try my best to be a role model and promote positive attitudes in the unit. I am mentoring, whereby I am expected to teach nursing students and junior nurses and encourage best practice. Leadership in this respect requires me to be encouraged, display empathy and understanding, whilst also trying to get the most out of them. As a mentor, I need to show that I can delegate tasks and act as a role model and encourage quality improvement. Often I provide critical importance of my responsibility to provide honest feedback. My approach has always been direct and honest so that it will enhance the care given by myself and those I workaround. I am an active participant in the improvement of results and I am a mediator of change in the improvement of the inclusive experience and service.

My approach to management is to be dependable and honest feedback. I believe that management can improve the working environment and this ultimately leads to improved patient care. It is my responsibility as a nurse in charge to ensure that management is aware of any issues in the unit. I also like to provide positive and negative feedback as necessary.

Teamwork is vital for the successful functioning of the working environment. My own leadership experience of teamwork comes as my respect for diversity and identifying varying needs that people require. Teamwork works on many levels, and my approach to teamwork is to consider myself working as part of a team as often as possible. For example, I have worked in a situation of a cardiac arrest. Where we all members of the team communicated very well during the arrest and saved the life of the baby. Good team effect can help each other to attain the best outcome. Team effect can provide good care for the patient and the patient’s family. I see them as being part of one team. This way of thinking helps me to engage with them more effectively, as it brings down barriers and promotes cooperation and goodwill. I always try to keep a friendly but professional attitude and try and help others who might need more support.

In my approach to management, leadership and teamwork one key characteristic is accepted is good communication. To attain this, I consider my intended audience and ensure that I deliver my communication effectively. I show awareness of different cultures and I adjust to ensure that I communicate sympathetically and effectually. I take responsibility by undertaking continuous professional development. I have pride in my work and my contributions to those around me and this ensures that I have good talent. I am flexible and I understand the flexibility of everyday interactions with a variety of children and their families with different aims and aspirations. Teamwork, management, and leadership are all intertwined and they depend on each other to be a successful leader.   

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