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My Participation in The Dare Program

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What is D.A.R.E. Program?

What program incorporates information about resistance to drugs and helps you stand up against bullies? What program lets you share experiences with an awesome police officer and take a look at a police cruiser? Of course! It’s D.A.R.E.!

D.A.R.E. is a free program that takes place at most elementary schools. Like I said before, we learn about why and when to refuse drugs, how to not join in and stop bullying. Towards the end of D.A.R.E., we take a look in and out of a police cruiser. We learned not to over, or under-react to drugs and why police cruisers have different sirens.

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Funny Moments

One of the little bits of fun we had, was where the police officer, Officer Bisset, would say, “Cool beans,” and we’d respond, “Hot rice!”At one of our most amusing and memorable classes was about refusing drugs. Office Bisset urged a couple of students to hand over him a drug. For the first person, he under-reacted, second, he refused correctly. But at the third, he overreacted. The student held out a fake drug to Officer, asking in a sly voice, and strike! Officer Bisset makes an ear-splitting scream, which was supposed to fend off the person with the drug. He went into a karate stance and lifted up his leg and did a satisfying, but funny, front kick that dangled from his knee. Everyone in the room burst into immediate laughter after the “drug” give scurried away.

Bullies and Lemmings

Farther into our D.A.R.E. lessons, we started talking about bullying. Officer Bisset described the people who join into bullying, act like lemmings. Now, let me tell you, lemmings are brown fuzzy rodents that jump off cliffs. Yes, they jump off cliffs into water and somehow survive, then swim out into the sea and not land. Similar to lemmings, lead bullies make a bad choice, like lemmings jumping off a cliff. Later, other followers of the bully join in and they make the same bad choice. They make the bad choice even if they saw the bully do it, like the follower lemmings. Now Officer Bisset never knew anyone would not take this serious, well not if any of the boys in my class could help to get out a chuckle. D.A.R.E. is both fun, and serious.

The Police Cruiser

Near the ending of our D.A.R.E. lessons, we looked at the coolest car of all time – a police cruiser. Officer Bisset let us have a quick peek in the front, then he hopped in the car. He told us he was just getting some warmth. A few seconds later, the loudspeaker of the car blares Officer Bisset’s voice, which startled me.He walked us through the main stuff of a police car. He also demonstrated what each siren’s purpose is in a police car. At the end when no one expected it, Officer Bisset let us quickly hop in, and hop out of the back of the police cruiser. The chatter of my class rose as everyone raced through the police cruiser.


Now you know, D.A.R.E. is the best program ever. There were bizarre moments when we shared our stories and moments of seriousness when some of us asked for advice. As our program slows to an end, I would like to thank Officer for spending his time with us to teach, learn and have fun with us. As Officer Bisset always states, “Cool beans,” we always reply, “Hot rice!” I, pledge to not violate any rules or do drugs. To never give up the kindness side and try to never let anyone down. And I vow to never forget D.A.R.E.


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