My Passion for Basketball Game

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My Passion For Basketball Game

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Passion for me is that sense of enjoyment and satisfaction after meeting my objectives and defying all the odds against me. Every single sportsman—or woman—will say the same thing: I have to use my body and mind in harmony to reach my passions. I thrive on the adrenaline rush from constant observation, on the speeds I am forced to reach, and on the exhilaration of scoring a basket from a far distance. I remember the feeling of the first time my hand felt the basketball. It sent a shot of confidence up my body and into my brain, which made me feel like I could play forever. When I started, I immediately began working everything out: how fast to run, when to shoot, and when to pass it. I did well on my first day, or so I thought. There were a few who scored more often than I did. I had finished my very first game; it was like the first of many chapters of my life ended, but the next chapter was about to start. The next chapter started only a week later. 

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The next time—and the next, and the next, and the next—was even better, as my abilities improved, and I scored consistently. I pretended that thousands all over the world were screaming my name, and this feeling saw me through a week in and a week out. I wanted to keep going, keep scoring, and keep motivating myself to become as perfect a player can be. My mind wanted to keep playing as long as my body could keep up. Basketball is the perfect mix of physical and mental abilities. I have to be fit enough and confident enough to throw myself in, but I need the mental capacity to make the right decisions. In basketball, all team members attack and defend as one powerful unit, like in the next chapter of the book when the characters defeat the enemy as a team week by week because they are stronger as one than as lone players on the court. If I don’t have the mental capacity to think while playing, I could let the team down. When I get the ball, possibilities stream through my mind, and it is the rush of ideas that is addictive. I love seeing a list of possible chances. 

Should I try a pass? Should I shoot? Should I move? It is the endless possibilities that appeal to me, and my quick thinking can help others. Basketball not only aids my physical wellbeing and boosts my thinking power, but it also helps my teammates become better players. The transition from teamwork and your goals. Passion is the sole element of human emotion. Without it, our lives would be boring; a simple routine. People would look at something amazing or a sight that brings warmth to the heart, then shrug and walk away. I can’t trust anyone without a passion. Trust makes basketball. Passion makes basketball. Passion allows players to improve, feel the sweet joy of winning, and become the best in the world. The skills this sport brings out in me will hopefully continue to develop over my lifetime, where basketball will be my passion. Everything I have learned from playing basketball has played a major role in shaping me into the person I am today. While most people may think it is just a sport of winning and losing and proving myself athletically, it has taught me so more. It has taught me not to give up on myself or my dreams. It is helping me reach my lifelong dream to play college basketball. It has brought me a team, both on and off the court. It has helped me develop real-world skills to take with me through college and the rest of my life. It has helped me define myself and my goals. 

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