Photography is My Passion: Building a Career

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Photography Is My Passion: Building a Career

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I chose photographer for my career because, so far what i’ve done in high school was take photography, so far my experiences have been the greatest thing i’ve ever done. We’ve done so many things in that class that we didn’t know were possible, one of my most favorite things was doing the camera obscura and going to the dark room and developing our photos and seeing what came out. We’ve always had something to do in that class, we always were taking pictures. We learned how to use photoshop, I was a freshman and a sophmore when i was in photographer. Most people took pictures of me during sophomore year because I was pregnant and they wanted to take pictures of my belly. That class was rarely boring, it was fun and easy.

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The cameras were so fun to use and they were confusing at the start but once Ms. Kelley taught us how to use it it just got easier and easier. There were times where it was complicated and we needed help but every other time it was okay and we got it on our own. For me photography was my favorite class. It was the class i could get my mind off when i had a bad day. No one ever thought that something that can be boring in life but in photos they are beautiful. My cousin took photos at my babyshower never i thought a special day that can be capture in a photo and can be saved as memories. When I was little I was always obsessed with taking pictures or just being in them. I would always pretend that I had the best camera in the world. I would always tell my family to say cheese and I would pretend to take a picture of them and pretend to show them and they would always tell me how good it looks. Then I grew in my early teen years and I would take pictures of the sky, anywhere, anything, and anytime. I was would post them on instagram and I would get comments on how good they were.

One of the things this person does in this career is they use creativity technical and enthusiasm to capture photos and tell story with them. They market and advertise services to attract clients use various photographic techniques and lighting equipment use photo and Hensing software maintain a digital portfolio to demonstrate their work our chief and manage imagery and hence the subjects appearance with natural or artificial light. There are various type of photography. You have nature, fashion, animal, astrophotographer, and many more that you can think of. In life you can think whatever you want and brainstorm to get all pieces in one photographic book that is made designerally by you or with someone that you love and care about within that photographic book. Like you could take good family photo to sent it to your family that is far away from you or your family could take a pic of them like it could be a dad or mom that is in the military and they could send you a photo with some letter telling you how are they doing or it could be a birthday party of your cousin that lives out of state from you and you could give he / she a couple of photo from how you are doing in your city and they could sent a family picture back to Also the best part is taking the wonderful beautiful photo with animals like a elephant, tiger, zebra, or my favorite a giraffe. Photos can be also be used in investigating crimes scenes to capture evidence so they can solve murder cases, kidnaping cases, and much more.

Also there’s Photographers who do photos for big brand clothing companies or magazine company or designer clothes and for even for the little things like things are babies were things for senior and a whole bunch of other thin photographers who do photos for big brand clothing companies or magazine companies for designer clothes and so they can promote their business and so they can also promote clothing so others can buy their clothing to see what interests them. Some of the requirements to become a photographer is a high school diploma to get a job to be a photographer or formal education in college to become a professional photographer and to become a photojournalist you have to have a bachelors degree. Another requirement you had to had to become a photographer is training you have to go to a vocational school and trained to be a professional photographer usually they just go over the basics and special techniques on how you can improve your photos.

Photographers must also possess important personal qualities to be successful they are required to have artistic skills to successfully understand how to manipulate lighting shades and colors most jobs of the time if you require you to work directly with the public because technology continues to advance of photography and much of a photographers editing is done with complex programs and good computer skills are a must. Photographers correct started to increase about 13% and cording to the United States bureau of labor statistics. Because of the need for photographers to take portraits for School weddings and related events 15% growth and expected for self-employed photographers the newspaper industry is expected to decline through 2020 hindering some employment opportunities the average salary was 36,580 per year according to the BSL. Photographers can take many passes to their chosen career from pursuing a degree in journalism to becoming a new photographer it to gaining a strong local reputation as a creative head chef talking for no to the taco Thursdays will look exactly the same however at least share a few duties they must complete each day. Some of the qualities to become a successful photographer or creativity and imagination photography for all intents and purposes is the form of art and I for detail patience and flexibility good people skills and passion.

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