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Flourishing as female in an Italo-Ghanaian household has never been easy, growing with certain expectation, growing in a place where you must make everyone proud. Strong, vehement and independent! That’s what I became at a young age, grateful to the trust and the considerable opportunity that my parents gave me to travel alone into another country at the age of sixteen. Not only them have been supportive in my decisions. Church members, teachers and friends always noticed potential, some features that I have never realize until now.

I realize that always been passionate, genuine and empathetic about helping people using science, how the human body works and how this complicated system adapts and reacts to the environment around it. First, when I moved in UK I had the contingency to attend Cauldon Castle Sixth Form and achieve an A level in Applied Science and learn about how to: sample, test, process and monitor the activity of the human body; all topics that I love and involved myself in researching more information about it.

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Currently I’m studying for access course in Health and Human Sciences, a course that will for sure enforce my knowledge in sciences and will guarantee a place in Higher Education where I will be able to exercise my abilities. My main aim is to reach a point where I will be competent enough to open various healthcare centers across Africa especially in the West part of it, therefore also people that leave in this region will have the necessary health resources to secure an efficient well function of their own body.

Moreover, I had the chance to experience a medical sector by volunteering for a pet hospital, Broad Lane Vets in Coventry, a place where animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits in pitiful conditions are cured, I underestimate that there are so many diseases that do not have a cure for it, but, just a way to postpone it. Blood test, scans and surgeries are not enough. My main position in this placement was to assist and support during non-surgical and surgical procedures in theatre; this helped to improve my skills in health and safety, personal hygiene (to prevent infections), knowledge of practice protocols and risks assessments.

Secondly, I participate to the National Citizen Service (NCS) an experience that completely change my perspective on elderly people especially the ones with Dementia, we tried our best to raise awareness about it by doing active campaigns in the city of Coventry, raising funds to help a care home and spending afternoons sharing their life stories even though some could not articulate an argument.

Another thing was talking with people on the streets, it was the most exciting part, many citizens were completely uneducated about Alzheimer’s disease and be part of a group that was doing social useful services boost up my confidence in public speaking. Furthermore, something that I learnt is that people with dementia cannot remember a lot of things, but they are still the same people, emotions and personality are unchangeable.


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