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The Concept of Accountability

The term accountability is often by many people who do not fully understand its meaning. Personally, my definition of accountability was limited to tenets of integrity and honesty without fully understanding its importance to an individual and organizations. This interesting course or unit has enabled or given me a deeper perspective of accountability. Accountability is holding someone accountable or responsible for broken promises, bad behavior or violation of certain expectations. This leads to a gap between what the individual did and what was expected of the individual. Accountability is not only limited to individuals, but it is also critical in the business environment or in organizations. According to Gleeson, accountability is arguably the most important element that fuels successful organizations. However, a lack of accountability often leads to conflicts between people since conflict and accountability have similar traits.

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Master My Stories

After taking the self-assessment in the textbook appendix section, my top two areas out of the seven which have the most “yes” answers are ‘Master My Stories’ and ‘Describe the Gap’ sections. Both sections had 4 affirmative answers out of the 5 questions in each section. After reviewing the answers to the question, I got a deeper understanding of the accountability problem. Based on the answers, I am understanding and slow to anger towards other individuals. However, I can be quite reactive towards someone depending on how I view that individual. In the case of accountability, I tend to be less kind to individuals who do things that are selfish or mean with the view that they deserve it. I can also be judgmental due to someone not delivering on their promises or agreement and often blame them. For example, I often disagree with my brother due to the accountability problem. I assume that he causes me problems on purpose although it may not be true and I might be partially responsible for the accountability problem.

When there is a wrong that has been done or an infraction for that matter, Patterson argue that we should not be the specific type of person’s who make other people feel bad and blame them directly for the mistake. This is not the case for a person who has made a mistake before, and the conclusion could be said to be a little different. They could be subjected to non-reliance or undependable. When accountability is being conducted, it is quite advisable that violence should be caged at all times. “When the discussion moves from silence to violence, you no longer keep the accountability discussions professional, under control, and on track to achieve a satisfactory ending.” The situation ends up being horrendous and damaging to every party and the whole group at large. The effects of adrenaline led to the most absurd situations.

Dealing with humans has taught me to have a particular way that can help avoid drama and also further mistakes. Therefore, having accountability as one of the possessions of conversations sets the tone for tranquility and also comprehension. In my view, I consider the fact that responsibility can be appreciated as a significant factor when all parties are allowed to air their perspective on a personal ground without interruption. The mutual respect that comes with one expressing their contexts is appreciated by the accommodative part of communication skills. At the end of the conversation, everyone will have participated in collective reasoning and therefore matured conclusion that befits every individual in the group.

Describe the Gap

The second section, ‘Describe the Gap’, the answers are a clear indicator of how I handle the accountability problem especially how I bring up the issue. In most cases, I bring up problems in a manner that makes others defensive or in some cases, talk to someone about his or her bad behavior within earshot of others. Fortunately, whenever I bring up a problem, I give the individual time to talk or explanation themselves clearly. Naturally, at times, it is difficult to figure out how to give others honest feedback in a way that does not seem offensive. For example, my brother and I have had several agreements such as the trip to Calgary. There was an accountability issue on his part due to unavoidable circumstances. However, the manner in which I brought up the issue made him uncomfortable and it was hard for him to share his views.

Business schools have been recognized as a ground that breeds corporate managers and honchos, though have failed to give lessons on face to face leadership. Most of these business schools have focused on management and not entrepreneurship. This has led to increased cases of accountability problem. Scudder et al. have argued gap to mean that the situation is dangerous and consequential; it is something that seems risky to discuss. There have to be ways in which infraction scan be presented in a more commendable way. The discussion on crucial accountability sets to explain the detailed opinions on how much one can take to discipline a violent employee. When such essential things are handled poorly, one is most likely to lose a friend, a job, or even a limb. One has the option of staying quiet and keeping the peace of being brutally honest and hurting someone’s feelings. One is advised to soften the blow by first being complemental and then bringing up the problem. This helps to ease the situation even better when one closes with a compliment again.


Accountability is an important leadership skill which is much more than admitting to a mistake. Although fully owning up when you fall short of an agreement or certain expectations are part of being accountable, it also means that you understand that you are responsible for your actions, attitude, communication, and reactions. In leadership, it enables on to build on relationships and teamwork. On a personal level, accountability provides a platform for integrity, honesty, compassion, and long-term commitment. These qualities not only do they build an admirable character in a person, but they also build deeper relationships between individuals therefore, being a critical quality in leadership.

As illustrated earlier, accountability is arguably one of the elements that fuel success in an organization. Thus it is important to leadership. Being accountability in an organization means being responsible for decisions made, tasks completed, and actions are taken. Accountability in leadership enables one to build trust with the employees or workmates which improves performance over the long-run. Whenever there is accountability in an organization, it eliminates the time and effort that an employee spends on distractive activities and other unproductive behavior. It also inspires confidence among team members.


Since a problem needs a solution, more commendable ways are advised, which are considered human and tactical. One is advised to describe the gap by setting a tone for the accounting session. By carefully choreographing the difference one is recommended to be careful and ensure they do not charge the situation directly by taking names and kicking rears. To ease the case, one should start a conversation in a softer note by describing the existing gap and expectations . While this was happening on should be careful enough to look at the red flags that signal that safety is in jeopardy. Moreover, one can always fight to restore the mutual respect that existed before the argument or addressing the accountability problem. This helps strengthen the bond between the parties and helps to avoid any situational frictions that may emerge after an accounting session goes wrong. The above argument clearly explains that whereas it’s essential to ensure that an accounting episode respects the volatility of friendship, it is also worth noting that the approach has to be made instrumental. I should not take charge of the situation and control the emotion in the room, instead, I should consider the mutual respect that existed before the incidence, and that should exist after the accounting session. Therefore, methods to address the situation have to be so carefully partaken to avoid instances of jeopardizing safety. In this case, I have to appreciate telling the whole story rather than letting one fill the gaps by themselves. The act of filling gaps always arouses emotions which may distract the entire session and create a conflict that should have been controlled maturely.

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