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Ethics are what people depend on during decision making whether in your career or your personal life. I believe a set of ethics should be formed when carrying a business or in your personal life for making a responsible decision.

First of all, I believe trustworthiness is very important and this encompasses being honest and loyal in business and your personal life because people can accept whatever you say without further verifying or investigating. You did not distort the facts, over exaggerate, or give fake truth you were acting fairly. At the point when people see that you are straightforward, they see genuine and they can identify with the message and take you at your word. Individuals acknowledge transparency, and trust begins to be formed. More importantly, individuals want to be connected with people they trust because the relationship is rewarding when trust is established. Being ethical as a family, friend or co-workers implies you did not develop a relationship on lies.

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Besides, my family is my number one priority. I will bring them joy and derive great happiness from my relationships with them especially my parents. This is because my parents have spent all their energy, money on making their children living in a comfortable environment. More importantly, my family and I have a very unique relationship that I am at ease making this solid trusting to them. Making my family happy is where my happiness came from, and I know that they think the same way about me. I have a very strong belief in my family because I know that regardless of what is going on in my life, they will always get my back. Taking actions to love them and be an overall presence in their lives is more important to me than anything else.

Other than that, I think caring is mistaken for a weakness, but it is not. For me, it is automatic to have a genuine concern for people. Always willing to help those in need. Everyone needs a sense of empathy. You want to be able to reach a goal with the minimal amount of harm yet the maximum amount of good if possible. You cannot forget about the needs of others because you may need a hand one day. I have always believed that you have to be careful on who you step on going to the top because those are the very people you are going to need on the way down.

After studying for three years at Swinburne University Sarawak, I believe that team spirit is the most vital component in teamwork for success. Team spirit can be defined as a sense of feeling that creates among the group members and that makes them want their team to improve or to be the best. Group work cannot achieve a higher level of performance and cannot be completed on time without the collaboration of a team. Teamwork will only arise when every member shares their ideas, experience, skills, and so on. After working with group members, I get to know that the importance of team spirit such as group work has a faster pace than individual assessments and all members must work together to achieve the specific goal.

I would like to conclude by saying that a personal code of ethics is important not only in professional work but also in personal life. My personal code of ethics will always lead my resolution of ethical dilemmas. However, if I encounter any new ethics that will help my personal and future career path, I will not spare a moment to adapt to them.  

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