My Personal Definition of Family

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My Personal Definition Of Family

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Genesis 1:28 says, “God has commissioned and blessed humanity with the charge to be fruitful and multiply.” Being able to multiply and form a family is something God has blessed this world with. Family is unique and special to each person in numerous ways. Depending on personal opinion family can have infinite parts such as, parents living with their children, or those who hold the same last name passed down from ancestors. The word family originated from the Latin word famulus-servant. The first meaning was close to the modern-day meaning of “household.” Everyone under one roof was considered family, including the servants of the home. In the 17th and 18th century the definition of family excluded servants and was strictly based on blood relations. There are infinite ways that family can be defined, whether you define it by the dictionary, your own definition based on feelings, or you base it off of all the things it is not, family is still family and no one can change that.

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The family has multiple meanings depending on different people’s perspectives. The dictionary definition of family is “a basic unit of society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children.” Though the dictionary definition says that a family is two parents rearing their children, the family has many more parts and definitions. Family can be moms and dads, aunts and uncles, cousins, grandmas and grandpas, and brothers and sisters. The family has so much more to it than 4 people living in a home together. God created a family for a reason so that society and the world function correctly. For the world to repopulate and continue, we have to continue to reproduce. Procreation leads to socialization due to the fact it allows two completely different blood to marry and birth a new child. Whether you consider it a family or not this is the true reason for making a family. The world depends on each family to produce more offspring or children to socialize and keep the world functioning. Family may have a definition but the true function of the family is more than just a simple definition. The depth behind this one definition is something that keeps the world going, it is a function, a cycle, and a process that keeps the population growing.

When it comes to family I have my own definition just as anyone else would. In my opinion, the family doesn’t just consist of those who carry the same blood. It’s not only those who hold the last name passed down from ancestors. And it’s not solely those who share the same home. Family means more to me than just the definition given by the dictionary. The family is those who stick around through thick or thin. It is those who love you unconditionally despite all flaws, those who have no judgment towards you, and those who support you in everything you do. Family is all your friends and family when you ask me. I have some friends that I consider family over my blood family. Some of my family don’t support me as my best friends do. Most of my friends are there for me more than my family and they love me harder than those who are supposed to be my cousins. For these reasons my opinion on the family has changed and I see it differently. Friends and peers become more than simple associates. You learn to grow and become comfortable with these people as if they were family from the start. When a friend treats you like family the love you have for them grows to be much more of a family bond than just a friend bond. Despite how anyone feels I have formulated my own meaning and definition of family and through doing so I have also learned what family is not supposed to do along with what they should do.

When figuring out what family means to you, you have to take into account what family is not. You have to consider all the things family shouldn’t do to realize who you don’t need to consider family. My family has shown me everything I need to know to form my own opinion and feel how I do about family. Your family should never put any doubt in your heart when it comes down to your future. They should always uplift you but not every family does so. Many family members tend to say I love you, but do they prove that love through their actions? If not, then those are the people I don’t consider my true family. We may share blood and we may have the same last name, but if the love for me is not real then they don’t fit what I consider to be family. Family is never perfect so the family should be forgiving and never hold grudges.

No matter what someone’s family looks like there should never be judged. Families can have one parent, two parents, two children, or 20 children, maybe even a few friends. As long as there is love and a bond family can be interpreted to match everyone’s circumstances. Everyone has a unique family that fits them in their own way. Having your own definition of family teaches and lets the world be more diverse and form different types of cultures. Within the family, there lie no boundaries as to what it is, it simply consists of unconditional love, help, endless shoulders to cry on, and doing the same in return for the other party. Family may have a dictionary definition, but it also has a definition to each person in which it means something different, and it has its do’s and don’ts just as anything else does.   

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