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My Personal Ethical Values

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Ethics is the philosophy of how people make moral decisions and how they affect us as humans. The values that society holds help us determine our ethical stance and shape our own character traits and who we are as a person. Similar to virtue ethics and ethics of care my personal ethics focus on how I can help others and how I view myself as a human. Thinking about how my character traits are effected after committing an action changes my ethical choices. Moreover, seeing how my choices affect my friends and family determine how I act in certain scenarios. In addition to that, I also possess a state of panic ethics in the case of danger and or life-threatening situations. I believe my ethical opinion is determined by how I think of myself after the action, those that are involved and the state of urgency.

Firstly, my ethical decisions are chosen based on how they affect my personality after the situation. This way of making moral decisions is one that only involves me and is similar to virtue ethics. This way of decision making allows me to use virtues and good caricaturists to help me achieve this good person figure. “An ethics focused on virtue encourages us to develop the good traits and get rid of the bad ones”. When using this type of thinking, I focus more on who I am on the inside and who I want to be seen on the outside. The first time I learned many of my virtues I was sitting at my desk at catholic school listening to my teacher talk. She was talking about good values and ways I needed to act to be seen as a good person. This being ingrained into my mind at a young age has driven me to be the best person I could be. While in this school I would constantly be tackled with moral decisions about myself. I would be tasked with choosing between friends and fun or learning through the way of recess and the choice to study before a test. I always tried to choose the study sessions before a test as I saw them as a chance to better myself as a person and student. Each time I was faced with a choice that could impact my character traits by becoming more honest and organized. These decisions changed and shaped who I was into who I wanted to be today because of the ethical need to improve myself and my virtue characteristics.

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Furthermore, my ethical opinion does not take my own personal well being into account when my friends and family are in need. This side of my ethics is alike ethics of care as I place others before myself when I feel the need to. Firstly, helping my friends emotional, physically and socially almost always come before myself. During the emotional terror that is exam season, I can commonly be seen helping my best friends study. This can cause some complications for me as I myself am not studying but am willing to pay the price for the happiness of friends. Placing my friends on a higher pedestal while disregarding my own mental wellbeing shows the ethics of care that I contain. As a result of this, I feel a moral responsibility to my friends when they are in need. Secondly, I feel and ethical obligation to help out my family and my brother. This type of care can be represented as I volunteer to be a taxi for my brother as I feel a need to take care of my parents and let them rest as they have done with me. I am not one particularly fond of driving but when the opportunity to save my parents from spending their limited spare time on driving comes up, I take it. This is an act that I get very little to no rewards out of and do not do this thing in the attempt to get a reward. This moral obligation to assist those that are close to me before I help myself is a main part of my ethics and determines how I act in my daily life.

Lastly, ethical decisions are sometimes rushed and I am lead to making an immediate choice in the event of an emergency. This can be represented by dealing with kids in the water for my job as a camp counselor. Last summer I worked for the town of Penetanguishene and when the kids swam in the bay there were no lifeguards present. I was always ready to jump in to try to save some kids and even some kids of parents that were just there by themselves. I ended up jumping in to deal with a few cramps for some of the little ones but was always ready to help those in and even out of the water. This reaction has caused me to have a moral obligation in keeping random kids safe even when I’m not at camp. The ethical responsibility that I gained from that summer has followed me into the school year and lead me to feel morally obligated to help those in possible danger. While at dance classes, particularly when we are learning new lifts, I always stay close to help catch even when I am not directly involved. As part of the dance team, I feel compelled to help even when my group is not actively practicing. I believe that my ethics would not let me leave that situation as I feel the need to help. I both am physically close and emotionally close to everyone on my team and therefore, feel a responsibility to keep them safe. Decisions that I make while surrounded by possible danger for others in heavily influenced by my ethics for protecting and helping others.

In conclusion, my ethics are determined by how they change my character, how well they think of others and how well they can keep everyone around me safe. Virtues are needed in my ethical decisionmaking as they are able to make sure I stay a good, moral person. Moreover, caring for others before myself is essential to keeping everyone happy and in good mental health which I feel ethically responsible for. Finally, making sure everyone is safe that is close to me both physically and emotionally is also a moral obligation for me. Overall, I believe that we must have a balance in our ethics where we must think about ourselves to become a better person while still keeping those around us safe and healthy.


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