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My Personal Experience in Mechanical Engineering

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My interest in pursuing a graduate school dates back to my experience with my computational fluid dynamics class. At that time, I was handling a research project which required me utilizing 3D CAD modeling and CFD simulation skills to simulate the medical device Round Robin 1 Nozzle at different flow condition and evaluate predictive blood damage. This was a group project, but my group member was escaped for this project. However, I believe finish the task on time was the most important things, so I finished the project by myself. When I was comparing the simulation results to the experimental results, I found that the simulation results start losing its accuracy as the increasing of Reynold number, especially near the wall of the device. I do a research and find that my mesh did not meet the boundary thickness near the wall, then I refined the mesh and also the accuracy has been improved. This experience really whetted my appetite in this area, so I want to pursue graduate studies to chase more knowledge.

In the realm of mechanical engineering, I have developed a special interest in the field of fluid dynamic. This interest began last summer, when I was a simulation assistant at ZOOMLION Heavy Industry Science & Technology, where I learned about particular applications and the procedure to perform of computational fluid dynamics simulation and the method to operate experimental measurements to verify the simulation results. In the processes of learning the theory of computational fluid dynamic and then perform it through ANSYS software pack, a general problem was coming out and confused me a lot, which is the verification of the results. I always found that the simulation results lose its accuracy at complex flow condition, in other world the turbulence model lose its accuracy. If a simulation result is not accurate and cannot represent the real world problem, then the simulation was meaningless. So I decide to learn about the fluid dynamics knowledge during the graduate school.

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During my undergraduate career in the United States, I have trained into a successful mechanical engineer. With four years of meticulous training, I am now familiar with a wide range of subjects related to this discipline. I already have learned the fundamentals of solid mechanicals, thermal dynamics, fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer, finite element analysis and computational fluid dynamic. I also gained knowledge in CAD modeling and Matlab programming through both academic class and internship. At the same time, I also have class projects experiences with Labview software as it pertains to the measurement systems.

I am confident that I will be a successful graduate student, not only because of my strong academic ability but also the ability to handle both individual and group projects. I have demonstrated my ability through experience of several design projects. First of all, I believe finished projects on time is the most important thing. In order to make sure the project was finished on time, I always look at an issue and solve it before it becomes a big trouble. For example, when I was handling my senior design projects, I need to design and fabricate a device that can produce nanofibers using the melt-force spinning method. My task was the thermal system design. After I finished all my design, and then I found my group members have difficulties at the fluid calculation due to the non-Newtonian polymer melt, I helped them to accomplish the tasks directly. At the same time, I also pay attention to all the details, and like to be sure that everything is just right.

For me, life is experience, experience different people, place, culture and the world I lived. I want to study at different country to enrich my experience. University of Melbourne, a university of known for its creativity and unique culture. I will chasing more knowledge and experiencing different culture at here. I trust, at University of Melbourne I will earn more experience on both life and professional career, also enhance my ability to solve the real life engineering problems. I trust, with my passion and unique experience at University of Melbourne I can make a difference in the field of mechanical engineering.


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