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Beauty is a subjective as well as standardized word that is applied to humanity and objects. It is related to the sensory senses as people notice it differently, yet it is still a word that holds requirements stated by society. Since a long time ago, beauty has been a tough topic to deal with for philosophers. That is why there is not an accurate definition or explanation to define it. Even though researchers and philosophers like Plato who stated that beauty cannot be discerned for humans in its totally because it is out of reach, have been instilling many conceptions about what beauty really stands for, none of them is enough compelling. Currently, the most admitted definition is the relativism theory which declares that anything or anyone is beautiful owing to its function or purpose. Thus, beauty is a characteristic, which is found in humankind, nature, and objects, that elicits pleasure in the populace´s sight or ear.

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Beauty is commonly applied to the peculiarities that please people’s preferences, and it is tanged taking into consideration the inside and outside of the target. For some dwellers, beauty is only about being good-looking and having unreal facial features i.e. external beauty. As a result, surgery plastic increased as people, mostly young, wish they could be cataloged into society as attractive. On the contrary, for others, it goes farther than external aesthetics; therefore, they focus on the person’s moral values, intelligence, and behavior. Naturally, these concepts were more admissible many years ago, for currently, many beliefs are against them, particularly the external beauty concept. As an illustration, there are countless discussions on social networks like Twitter about beauty ads, for some people think that these advertising companies are obliging people to enclose themselves into an idea that is not everyone’s own. Thus, a person may name himself or herself as beautiful or handsome due to his or her self-confidence which is attractive for people.

Beauty is also the build-up of sensorial experiences through exploring natural treasures. Natural beauty has always existed in the world, and it is broad as well as enjoyable, so masses have come into contact with this type of beauty in many ways. For instance, the populace takes pleasure in natural events such as sunrises, sundowns, lakes, stations of the year, wildlife, and other typical wonders that are simply extraordinary like rain or wind. So huge is the beauty’s people’s apprehensions about the living world they are surrounded by that they would love having as many remembrances as possible like pictures and mementos. Beauty is applied for both people and natural resources in the same way because there can exist certain parameters to rate what is and what is not beautiful. Thence, it is up to each person likes and preferences to decide which places and items are pleasant for them.

In the same fashion, the populace may meet beauty in objects and actions. Nevertheless, the majority of appraisements of beauty depend on the beholder’s likes and dislikes. Where mass usually ranges what is or what is not engaging for them are in art branches like music, fashion, etc. Indeed, art encourages beauty creation; as an example, a musician can spot it in a melody or a musical instrument, a painter encounters it in a painting, a photographer mirrors it in pictures, and a writer finds it in writings. Consequently, all sorts of art are enclosed into a category of beauty as it results in alluring to the audience what the creators are exposing.

Beauty is abstract as people can interpret and discern it in their own manner. The main human being characteristic is diversity, each individual can choose what they think is engaging with no regrets about being judged; current beauty standards are imposed on people by themselves regardless of the limitless beauty theories. Besides the human aesthetic, nature is also pulchritude as people delight in watching the amazing landscapes, plants, and animals. Likewise, beauty is expressed over different craft branches e.g. paintings that are nice to the audience’s eyes, songs that sweeten people’s ears, etc. Beauty is a broad term that cannot be defined with a single statement, for all people’s ideas are allowable. Thus, beauty is everywhere, and the populace just needs to take a glance around to realize that it is there being part of their lives.  

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