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As a future teacher, I want to make school as a fascinating and practical by sorting out each lessons. John Dewey once said that “Progressivism is an educational movement”, that students would successfully learn through their experiences. My highest score turns out to be that I am consent with the beliefs of progressivism where the education must be relevant to the students in order for them to learn. I would like to reveal my personal philosophy of teaching and learning education.

Progressivism is in the pragmatism philosophical base. I strongly agree that educational philosophy as progressivism emphasis learning by the action of hands-on projects that involves analytical and critical thinking. Students would be able to have insight into learning as they will be a problem solver and thinker.

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Progressivism aim to promote democratic society in order for us to have the freedom of speech and basically the basic rights by voicing out our opinion. It stresses on active experimentation that revolves around the child’s needs. Learners will be viable in their future. Parents are the most influential in the child’s education while school will improve creative and independent society by a living-learning process. Allowing one’s brain to develop will make learning easier. This is also called as active experimentation. I do see myself guiding the situation in a way where I could balance my lessons and curriculum. I, learn by experimentation and learning is active, not passive.

Education is not a preparation for life itself, it is life. As a teacher, providing experiences is the key. The students will gain knowledge if the education involves variety of opportunities that would lead to their growth such as share decision by group work. This will also improve their social skills. Each individuals have their own goals and guiding the students for problem solving is one of the teacher role. It focuses on the whole child as a sign that they are concern with social and moral. Lesson plans are organized according to problems or student interest since it focuses on the experiences of the students. “Teaching” will waste class time if it is based on just lectures. I, myself, would be bored if the learning process does not involve activities and projects. As a teacher, I will always try to shoot my shot by finding out what my students enjoy the most. Progressivism applies to a curriculum that responds to students need and that relates to students personal lives and experiences. Their characterization is that children are naturally good, their needs and interests are relevant to the curriculum. The learners will be skilful to manage change as they are exposed to new scientific, technological and social developments. Not only will they think outside the box but also provide such fresh intellectual. This will be the highlight on lifelong learning. Students will solve any problems that occur in the classroom similarly to the ones they will run into their everyday lives. They mainly emphasized on how to think, not what to think.

Teaching is a passion, and not everyone have the ability to deliver in the classroom. The system of education is still based on the rote loop where they learn, made preparation and sit for examinations and eventually forget. Memorization technique is effective in teaching but that certainly does not fully apply to English subject because it does not allow a deeper understanding. Rote learning has very little interaction and discussion. This is why we need changes in order to have activities that promotes social skills and problem solving. As a future teacher, I will establish a learning atmosphere where students want to participate by giving them a task where they need to have a journal to express themselves. It allows them to reflect and discover their authentic self and could give them the extra confidence they need in order to engage in classroom discussions. Not only the teachers got to learn more about their students but also it could improve their writing skills. I find that journals are super good assessment tool for teachers. This is also one of the most humanistic education where both feelings and knowledge are simply important in the learning process. By presenting different kind of activities can stimulate the students to learn in a different manner as it will create the ideal learning situations.

Progressivism learning should be where student learns about a topic or issues from a variety of viewpoints. Stimulating students through field trips to places such as art museums, botanical gardens and farm sounds exciting and helpful to their learning and understanding since they got to interact with nature or society. Another motivating method that I could do in order to boost their learning, especially in English is by role playing. It gives students real-life situations where they need to develop feelings of empathy. They will also stay focused throughout the process. Not only final product is important, the process is supreme. Games such as Scrabble is highly effective in order to teach them vocabulary and use grammatical structures. Using games with the students will make the session even more fun and guarantee that they’re prompt. Studies shows that when students are having a great time, they will engage more in learning. John Dewey wanted the students to be involved in every of the learning process. He thinks the students need to allow their brain to think critically because this way of learning took places rather than just committing to memorization. As we can see here, students play an active role in the classroom.

Progressivism in education matters. The ideology where man can know nothing beyond his experience. By growth in knowledge, we should be open to any feedback either it comes in a positive way as well as criticism. I relate to progressivism best because I believe that truth and values are always changing due to the surrounding environment. Focusing on solving problems is much more important that focusing on a large amount of information. Collaborating with the others, as in a group work will let students have the opportunity to give ideas and share their piece of mind. This kind of interaction will develop social qualities.

Progressivism in education also believes that students should not be isolated during their learning. Perennialism is my lowest score and I agree with the fact that I do not enjoy this kinds of philosophy since the class is boring and it disregards technology. Someday I will be a teacher and I feel like it is important to hold on what I believe in and so I believe that learning is rooted in the questions of learners that arise through experiencing the world. I will practice the beliefs of progressivism as they reflected my personality and attitude. I hope my choices turns into a positive result for my teaching career and for the future generations. 

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