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My Personal Statement Hopes And Plans

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Ever since my very first day at Allerton Grange I knew that I wanted to do well in my education. I accepted that everyday of the past five years at school have been of great importance to my future, from general lessons to participation in house competitions and events. I have a tremendous amount of support from my parents, teachers and peers who all want me to do well.

The subjects I enjoy are History, English and Sports leaders because they have all taught me a lesson of there own for example the importance of punctuality and working hard. I am still not sure what I want to do next year therefore would like to keep all my possibilities open though I am interested in are Sociology,criminology and English language and literature. During year 10 Allerton grange had held a sixth form day where we were allowed to sit sixth form lessons these were the lessons that gripped my enthusiasm the most. I know that as I mature my decisions in career may change, therefore I would like my a-level studies to reflect a wide range of opportunitiesI am looking forward to studying these subjects whether it is at 6th form or at a local college.

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The subjects are great interest to me and I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing so I feel that getting involved with these subjects will hopefully send me down the right track to where I eventually want to end up. In the past I have always been in all my lessons and have met all the deadlines set by my teachers therefore I believe I will be a good student in my future sixth form/collegeI am reliable, can cope well with pressure, a helpful member of the class and can work well in a team, I have good relationships with my peers, I can take feedback and act upon it which I believe is a good quality to have I am also punctual to school and all my lessons I strongly believe in saying “The early bird gets the worm” which is why I always aim to be early.

I am confident and will always state my opinions when needed and I have good initiative. My organisation skills are good, I enjoy working in a group as I get a wide range of opinions so hopefully my peers can help me with this. I am willing to pull out all the stops to get to where I want to be I also enjoy working independently as I have to use my initiative which I believe I am good at. I had responsibilities in secondary school as I came to this school wanting to achieve my full potential and did it every way I could possibly find,I volunteered for the Year 7 netball team I helped the teacher run the sessions and sometimes playing with the team I loved the spirit of the team therefore carried on till the beginning of year 11 when I left because GCSEs were close and felt my concentration was meant to souley on that.

So I have had a lot of involvement in extra-curricular activities in school. Out of school I am involved with my local community and many charities I helped with fundraisers and Q&As for the charities this has taught me independence,management skills and given me confidence in talking in front of large crowds. In my spare time I enjoy going out with friends, revising and reading novels.


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