My Personal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

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My Personal Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats

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  • Strengths
  • Weakness
  • Opportunities
  • Threats
  • Works cited


I am a calm, friendly and open minded person that enjoy one-on -one meeting and relating with new people of like minds to share new, informative ideas and opinions that are of positive impact. This is one of the thing have really enjoyed both on campus and outside the campus of Birmingham City University (BCU). I also enjoy working within a group team of members, to identify problems and provide possible solutions through innovative ideas. towards collective goal of success identifying our strengths and weakness to gain new ideas and make any corrective measures. I also embrace honesty, loyalty and contentment in most of the things i do and also love to appreciate people for who they are. Presently have been able to make friends with new people from diverse culture and this has given me added advantage of learning more ideas about culture.

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One of my biggest short-coming is that l easily get distracted and discouraged about situations around me whenever my expectation is cut short and whenever my effort is under-estimated. I tend to lose focus whenever my attention is divided. I find it very difficult to be more explicit when expressing myself as I always most times. Inability to manage my time well, in such a way that I tend to complete a task within a long period of time. Slow adaptation to the ethics of my new course, in the sense that am exhausting too much time to understand the structure of my present course, being a different field of study from my previous course.


With my present study in Management, I will be able to obtain my Masters degree, I will have chance to gain the necessary skills such as critical thinking, analytical skills, presentation skills and development needed to help me strategically fit into the working environment. This degree will also provide me with an added advantage of a professional qualification of Chartered Management Institute (CMI) will also give a competitive advantage in the labour market. Studying in one of the UK Universities like Birmingham City University (BCU) is a wonderful opportunity to develop an IT skills and sociable characters through flexible learning environment with improved level of technology and studying with student from diverse cultures. Learning of new skills, training, ideas as the need arises to stay informed in order improve my personal and professional development for better job opportunities.


One of the things that seems to pose threat to me is that the fear of more competitors, just like we have a whole lots of graduates every year with the same and better qualifications, employer may intend to recruit newly fresh graduates with improved skills may pose as a threat in future. Secondly is the fear of emotional stability and balance of both studies, work opportunities with personal needs. Lastly, the fear of uncertainty about the various changes that may occurs in future such as inflation, introduction of new IT technology system to replace human effort, unemployment, financial crisis, high cost of living.

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