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My Personal Type of Meditation

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‘Get Up!’ ‘Make your bed!’ ‘Pack your lunch!’ ‘Help me with your sister!’ ‘The bus is in the street!’ ‘Hurry!’ ‘GO! GO! Go!’ …Mornings. Arguably the most chaotic part of my day. All the noise. Each member of my family running around like a madman. The overwhelming atmosphere that only leaves me longing to retreat to my bed – my sanctuary. Longing to plug in my earphones, and to be transported into a world of unshakeable peace.

Personal space is what I consider a necessity. No matter how easy going you may be, life can become stressful. And when stress takes over, (including those of the calmest nature), it can be a chore recuperate your Zen again. I as an introvert rely on this time alone. This time of quietness. I see it as my opportunity to recharge. It’s the force that keeps me grounded.

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Music is the medicine of my mind. The soothing sounds captivate me – They occupy my thoughts. I find music relocates me. It has taught me how to silence the outside world. I can use it to generate stillness – a personal space (no matter my location). My taste is labeled as eclectic. I receive small joys from all genres. Songs that are in anyway related to my childhood can bring back memories. This is my time of reflection. My time to be alone and at peace. Music is undoubtedly a distraction from the horrors of our modern world. I find it a therapeutic approach to life management, as well as my overall wellbeing.

The beach is similar in having a soothing rhythm. I get pleasure from it. The ocean has a calming effect on my mind. When I’m at the beach I go into a meditative state. This is not only my experience but fact. The beach is important to me. From a young age, I have had to deal with the concept of the loss of a loved one. Nothing has been able to improve my mood like slipping off my shoes and strolling around in such a tranquil place. It is effective even in such moments of despair. It is such a personal space in which I go through an overall sensory experience. My mind is only aware of the sand between my toes, the sound of the waves running back from the shore, the vast ocean that carries on forever into the horizon, and the saltiness in the air. I believe it’s surreal. The meditative state I experience from the beach is like no other. I find it a reliever from mild anxiety. I find myself happier. Meditation is a very personal time. You are in your mind. Living right in the moment.


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