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My Personality And Characteristics That Successful Entrepreneurs Share

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As a kid I believed that not being exactly what my mother expected me to, was bad! In the beginning I refused to, but she won, and I became a disciplined kid (at least, in front of her eyes). Meanwhile, attending to school and engaging into social events, I felt the need of bringing out the real ME, whether it was approved by others or not, and by doing that, I learned to embrace what already was good in myself and, possibly, try to develop what was not. I still am discovering my personal characteristics, but surely, more confident to deal with my strengthens and weakness. But then what are my major strengthens and weakness? And how those can be related to entrepreneurial characteristics? Well, it is all about character, is not? I will briefly describe them.

So, let’s start by the ones that I have embraced: leadership, reliability, charisma, organization and network. I am a natural leader, and funny that I never believed that I could be one, neither wanted such responsibility, but, naturally and constantly, this honor was addressed to me, whether at school, sportive games or family´s events. And as an entrepreneur, you need to know a little bit of everything, and know what is happening in your business. You need to be able to delegate tasks out to other employees, and you need to do it in a kind way. You must inspire, guide and keep the people involved in the business as passionate for its success as you.

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I have the ability to earn people´s trust and this can be characterized as reliability, i.e., the quality of being trustworthy, responsible. And just as to obtain someone´s trust requires time, effort and character as it does to build a business that others feel secure to get involved in it. A company’s reputation is related to the reliability of their products, actions, etc. and that is something that you earn…cannot be bought.

Thanks to my mother, I am a charismatic person and that behavior has opened many doors to me. I love lifting and motivating people around me. When you radiate positive energy, surely you are remembered! A successful entrepreneur knows the values of charisma and body language. Knowing how to use it, properly, you influence and persuade others.

I value structure and organization and this habit been long with me, maybe my whole life. I just love and feel comfortable by doing my surroundings organized, clean, flawless. Can an entrepreneur succeed without being organized? Well, rarely! Because entrepreneurs must be organized in order achieve short-term and long-term goals or objectives. It’s about managing businesses. I always been open to new people and culture. Also, the interest in travels, gastronomy and Human’s History helped me to go deeper in it, leave my comfort zone and interact with different individuals and circumstances. The consequence of my social interactions resulted in a network of friends, places and mutual interests. For entrepreneurs the right connections are crucial, and they understand the importance of good networking as it goes hand in hand with running a successful business.

Now it is time to share the characteristics that entrepreneurs must have, but, unfortunately, I still need to develop in myself, such as being optimal at making tough decisions, being not afraid of taking risks, specially involving money and being patient and resilient.

All things considered, fortunately I already have some good characteristics that successful entrepreneurs share, but in the other hand, I also miss some valuable ones. However, my truly intention is to enhance my strengthens and work out on my weakness in order to succeed as an entrepreneurial, as a human being.


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