My Philosophy of Life and Education


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My philosophy of education is made up of the ideals I believe every effective teacher should have. Every child on this planet is unique, so I should not expect that every child will learn the same way. One day I remember reading an article that briefly mentioned multiple intelligence teaching, I became very interested and was very surprised at how well the results of using kid’s multiple intelligences benefit their learning. Being able to adjust to every child’s way of learning is what I believe makes an effective teacher.

I would like to involve parents as much as possible because oftentimes people think it is only the responsibility of the teacher to teach the children. I would implement this into my classroom by actually contacting parents to give them updates on how their child is doing not only contacting when something bad has occurred, which is often the case in some classes. I would try to arrange events for parents and their children to help them learn ways to also be involved in the education of their child because it does not just stop at school.

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When I become a teacher I do not want it to be about testing and seeing which kid is above “average”. I want my kids to be curious and ask me questions, I want to get the gears turning in their growing minds. I want to fuel their curiosity! I will do that by asking questions that I know will result in them asking more questions, and that is the whole purpose. Nowadays schools are only focusing on throwing knowledge at students and not giving them the ability to actually learn the material. That is why I believe I need to adjust to every one of my students.

Although I am not perfect I want to make it my goal in life to help form the minds of young children. If I can teach my students the importance of trial and error, empathy, and respect, then I believe I have somewhat fulfilled my duties as a teacher. My teachings will go further than just the school’s given curriculum, I want to go further and expand their minds into thinking and learning in more than one way. I do not expect my students to be perfect, I expect them to sometimes fail, and in those times I will be there to help them understand what went wrong and what can be changed to not make the same mistake. They will not be afraid to ask what they did wrong.

I do not expect my teaching philosophy to remain the same forever. I do expect that over the years when I am in a classroom engaging with the kids, my values will evolve. I for one am excited to be a part of a career that is going to help form the minds of the kids who one day will be running this country.   

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