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My Planning Possible Pathways Assignment And Career Goals

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Before even entering my post-secondary education, I need to graduate from high school. To achieve this, I need many specific requirements, one being my Ontario secondary school degree (OSSD) and my IB diploma. To get my OSSD I need to complete forty hours of community service, pass the Ontario secondary school literacy test (OSSLT), and get thirty credits in total, 18 which are compulsory. To obtain the IB diploma, I need to pass IB level courses as well as complete the Extended Essay (EE), theory of knowledge course and 150 hours of creative activity service (CAS). Academic orientated requirements are to get a minimum of 24 points per year and 4 per subject (70% or above per subject). This may seem overwhelming but, if I maintain my current performance in the IB-prep courses, I will be prepared for future years.

Based on my current academic skills, and abilities, I believe I can successfully complete high school. I possess skills such as reading and writing, which will and has helped me complete assignments such as major essays an exam. Skills such as responsibility and self-regulation, as talked about in my learning skills assessment, are also very important because you need to be able to hold yourself up and be aware of yourself to successfully complete and regulate tasks. I have also completed a business course in grade 9 which helped me develop many skills such as collaboration and knowing how the “real world” works. A lot of jobs, even school work, involve the use of computers. The business course has helped me grasp many concepts used in Excel, Word, PowerPoint and many other software’s, which will support me during my post-secondary life, and therefore, future. A major part for me to transition into my post-secondary option is to obtain the IB diploma. To meet the requirements needed to get the diploma I have many resources and skills that will help. Skills such as organization will help with the intense workload, and my interest in subjects such as science will help me get through the years. I also have made many friends who are going through the program as well, and we plan to help each other get through.

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During my research for my Planning Possible Pathways assignment as well as my destination guidebook, I found that the courses universities require that would support this path included biochemistry, physics, biology, calculus, and computer science for a well-rounded degree. I quite enjoy learning these subjects and hope that that mindset will help me succeed in them. Other supports that could help build my resume in a science career could include volunteering and further in my life, residency. Volunteering at places such as the local sick kids, or animal facility helps me build skills and experiences needed to work in the science field. As for post-secondary options and decisions, I can use career cruising or career counseling to help me find which university is best for me. Other things that will support me would include tuition loans, OSAP, and IB diploma. Looking through the websites they have many options and career pathways that I didn’t even consider before. The website provides many quizzes and task that I completed in order to match my skills to the best suited career. It also supported career paths that may be a backup plan for me. Such as becoming an electrician, it only requires you to complete a 4 or 5-year apprenticeship program at college or university. After the apprenticeship program you must take an exam to verify certification, then you can certify as an electrician in your province. This knowledge is very crucial, because if all else fails, trained electricians are in high demand as employment in Canada. With that in mind, it’s expected that jobs for electricians will continue to increase in the future, so it will be easy to get a job as an electrician. This has taught me that even in the worst-case scenario, there’s always hope, I can still get a decent job with equal pay, which is reassuring. While working on my PPP assignments, I recognized the many roads and paths that are open, but I also came to terms with the obstacles on and throughout the road. The support from online and from family and friends help me find ways to get past the obstacles, and even redirect myself to another road. Overall, this helped me grasp a better understanding of what the future has in store for me and how to deal with it.

I decided on this path through many self-assessments, career activities and my personal interests and hobbies. I decided that the career I would want to choose was to be somewhere located in the sciences cluster. I am genuinely interested in the sciences and have a great fascination for it, especially life sciences and human biology, this is a major reason why I would want to become a surgeon, to incorporate my hobbies and interests into my job. Why I have a great interest in human biology and life sciences is beyond me, but I knew that whatever job I do it must be enjoyable and in need of my skills.

At this moment in my life becoming a surgeon is my goal, my dream job, but it may change in the future and has changed since the past. Before this course, I had a broad understanding of surgeons, all I knew that the education to become one was a long journey, so I wasn’t as interested. Despite this my mind was still open to it, I just needed a push to help me research and learn more about becoming a surgeon. This course altogether and especially the career cruising assignment was the push I needed. I knew when initially developing my career cluster I was lost, I didn’t have a specific goal and didn’t know where to go from there. I knew that I wanted to do something with science but I didn’t know exactly what that was. I wanted to bring my skills into my work and find a job suited best for me, and career matchmaking was just that.

Once I made my IPP account I took the quiz which matched my interests and work habits with possible careers. I imputed skills that I thought suit me best, such as detail oriented, hardworking and enjoy working with others. The results revealed that the skills I had aligned with the careers in the medicine and health cluster as well as the science and engineering cluster, narrowing my career choices to these two clusters. It even specifically narrowed down to career interest occupations, the top choice being a surgeon followed by forensic scientist and engineer. These jobs accurately matched with skills and work habits that I possess such as analyzing and working through things using my hands, quick decision making and carrying great responsibilities. I was pleased to find that there was a job that had fit with my skills and abilities, because not only would I be able to make a lot of money, but I would really be able to make use of my academic potential and my strong skills inside my career. Although I have a more specific goal and path ahead, I still lack in other areas and expertise needed for the career, which I intend to improve in.

Overall, from the course I learned that always expand on your interest since they may turn into your career. My interest for science lead me on the right general track and helped me gain information on the right kind of path for me. My work habits and skills influenced my decision to pursue a career that fit them best, which happened to be in the science field. I learned that I have skills that corresponds best with science, health and engineering. Career cruising helped me pick jobs that suit me best and rule out ones that aren’t suitable for me. Since I am an auditory learner and tactile learner I would consider jobs that are more hands on and require listening rather than visualizing. Which is why I prefer the science field where I can experiment and use my hand-eye coordination well rather than a business job that requires presentations and looking at computer screens.

I also gained more confidence in my path due to the pre-IB program. Researching and trying to find the best fit university was tiring and very discouraging but based off the “how resilient are you” survey I can say I am a decently resilient person. I can deal well with these issues and can recollect myself after a major transition or setback. I need motivation when handling such transitions and can tend to ignore how other perceive the situation. However, with family and friends around, and my own problem-solving skills I can deal with major transitions. If a major transition ever occurs, which is likely, in my path to achieve my career I know I have support from many people and I know I can improve myself to find out more about myself and my future aspirations.


This course has helped me learn many new things about myself and how I can apply them to my possible careers. It’s helped me organize my career paths and has provided me with knowledge on the different possible paths. The course has helped me understand changes and improvements I have to make and qualities that I have to maintain. In unit 1, I learned about my learning skills, strengths and how that ties in with what my desired destination is. The self-assessment confirmed my skills in responsibility, organization, independent work and some initiative skills, explaining why I was good at handling school workloads, and that my trouble in communicating was because of my poor collaboration skills. Another such realization includes how I needed improvement in self-regulation, which I realized as I was doing my student self-assessment activity. My lack of collaboration skills also comes from me being a stubborn person, which makes it difficult for me to alter my own behavior, emotions, or thoughts, in accordance to the situation.

Through career cruising and many other self-evaluation activities I got to judge how well my skills fit different careers and found out which occupations would use my skills to their potential. I also had the opportunity, to build on my experience by writing a cover letter and resume. I also learnt new skills and work habits and reflected on them such as going through a major transition or planning on how to achieve my goals. This course, helped me realize what I should prioritize and be doing at this moment, and what I should do in the future. I learned that I should plan ahead and not rely on “fate” and let things go with the flow, instead I should organize how I want things to go and take action.


Overall, I feel like this course has helped me develop and confirm skills and work habits that I have which will set me onto a career. Despite all the research and determination, I have to become a surgeon, I’m positive my mind will change its view on my “dream job” in a few years. Changing perspectives is totally normal and is a great way of knowing that I’m growing up, I’m learning new things and gaining new knowledge that alters my opinions on my career. When I was younger I always wanted to grow up to be a teacher, because everyone respected them and they got to teach others what they enjoy. Once I grew up, I experienced that not everyone has the same respect for teachers and some teachers can be miserable too. I looked on the negative side of the situation and decided to not want to become a teacher, but today, I would consider it an option. There’s a pro and con to everything and if you decide to stay positive, the pros will outweigh down the cons. As I grow older, I’ll keep changing my opinions and ideas on career choices until I’m satisfied. No matter what happens or however many times I redirect myself I will always stay positive to successfully reach my final goal.


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