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My Position On Pirated Movies

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One of the most significant issues facing the motion picture industry is piracy. The term ‘piracy’ refers to the unauthorized and illegal duplication of content which is subsequently sold at lower prices. It is through the increased advances in technology that pirated movies have flocked to the film industry hence adversely affecting its operations. Despite the implementation of various anti-piracy laws, such as the No Electronic Theft (NET) Act, the internet stills host a vast array of websites which allow users to download movies for free. In a nutshell, pirated movies have adverse effects on the economy as they lead to the reduction in revenue for the film industry, decreased innovative measures in film production and distribution, and a low income for the actors and artists despite the fact that it increases the accessibility of specific movies that are unavailable to a particular geographical location.


Piracy imposes adverse effects to the economy by decreasing the sales of authorized motion pictures companies. On this note, when the sales are reduced, the amount of revenue collected relatively declines hence minimizing the taxes acquired by the government form the film industry. With a low collection of taxes, the country’s economy is bound to destabilize due to the increased rates of inflation. On the other hand, the participants involved in producing the movies are also forced to collect low amounts of payment since the sales of their films are low. Such a situation inhibits the standard of living for most of the actors, directors, and editors among others involved in film production. Besides, since the film industry has a reduced amount of revenue, compensation of its employees becomes a challenge hence demotivating the aspiring employees as well as the current ones. In this case, the rate of unemployment is bound to increase thus affecting the rate of economic growth. Therefore, the development of pirated movies could significantly affect the economy based on increased rates of unemployment and inflation.

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Piracy also hurts the film production industry by compromising its innovative strategies. As such, the production of unauthorized copyright movies is most likely to be characterized by a low quality of the video. Besides, piracy deprives of the creative industries’ ability to possess the control over information and cultural goods within the film production industry. The intellectual property rights are relatively compromised hence affecting the development of innovative measures and practices across the enterprise. The people who infringe on content create an unfair competitive platform for the expensively produced innovations in which they deliver them to consumers at a low cost. Such practices not only demoralize the film production companies but also lead to them incurring significant losses. Thus, pirated movies impose adverse effects on the innovative measures used by film production companies. The society can prevent the development of movie piracy by advocating for the purchase of movies from the authorized dealers. The community can also focus on using the legally offered programs through enquiring for the valid documentation to determine the dealer’s authorization within the film industry. Most importantly, the society is also obliged to ensure that the anti-piracy laws are enforced. Such a measure can be implemented through engaging people from the community in practicing their rights of access to quality products by contacting the original dealers in case one has a counterfeit copy. The society should also engage online support platforms which would be used by the people to report the suspected movie copies.

Overall, the community could adopt an effective strategy to tackle the issue of counterfeit movies is to increase the number of law enforcers who would combine efforts with the legitimate and authorized dealers to identify the piracy avenues and substantially halt their operations. Despite the numerous adverse effects of pirated movies, such a practice also proves advantageous to a specific group of individuals. Those who benefit from piracy are the ones whose access to some film are restricted due to their geographical locations. For instance, if a particular TV series that has been considered among the best does not air in Siberia or Venezuela, the people from these regions would have no choice but to access the series through piracy internet sites. In this regard, piracy allows people to access content despite the existing restrictions. It is for this reason that most individuals do not consider it an offense and are comfortable with pirated movies. As such, pirated movies increase accessibility to those who have limited access to similar content.


The use of pirated movies is associated with various negative impacts on the economy where the film industry loses significant amounts of revenue, and their innovative practices are compromised. Nonetheless, piracy also increased the accessibility of unavailable movies to a specific group of consumers. Although pirated movies are accessible to people across the diverse geographical locations, the adverse effects outweigh the positive ones. Therefore, more punitive and stringent policies and legislation should be implemented to ensure that culprits face severe consequences as a sign of getting others to withdraw from piracy.


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