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My Potential to Become a Masters Of Science in Finance

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I am applying for a place in your university as I would like to increase my professional potential in M. Sc Finance at your University. My interest in finance was first aroused during my undergraduate days, I studied Economics, my father worked in an audit firm, he inspired me to look deeper into the field and that was where my interest in finance and economics started from. I have always enjoyed studying finance and markets and loved the ever-fluctuating environment of the business world. In fact, for my undergraduate dissertation, I wrote on the Nigerian Stock Exchange Market. The decision making and money handling involved gives a sense of unpredictability, an area that I would like to learn more about, looking for solutions to the complex relationships of market and business is something I find very rewarding, and it is an area I hope to be able to study in more depth as a postgraduate student.

I am a qualified chartered accountant in my home country Nigeria, I have worked for over 15 years as an auditor in an audit firm Ernst & Young, and over the years I have gained underlying respect for how business influences our lives. Being open-minded in my approach to work with my team has helped me empathise further into what it takes to be successful in this area. I have worked with CFO’s of multinationals during the course of my career and I think it is time I change my career part from been an auditor to be a CFO.

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What really interests me about studying at the University of Worcester is your excellent reputation, highest quality facilities and equipment’s and the university’s emphasis on business enterprise, the interest you have on your graduates making them highly sought after, informed and creative professionals, able to excel in today’s business environment. Another reason is that studying at your university will enhance my career prospects and extend my knowledge. The courses you provide will strengthen my employability in the areas of financial management, establish my career goal and be an excellent CFO when I return to my native land.

After completing the M. Sc course at your university, I hope to become a skilled and knowledgeable leader who can influence people, offer strategic direction and make good use of financial, human and technical resources. I was excited to learn about the excellent Master programme that your university offers. I believe that the course will give me a solid foundation of relevant theory and quantitative techniques to develop my individual capacity, originality and key skills that are sought after by future employers.

I am confident I can demonstrate the drive, ambition and expertise to position myself as the perfect student to study at your institution. I would be grateful for your kind consideration of my application, and I look forward to hearing from you.


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