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My Potential to Become a Midwife

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I am applying to study for a BSc (Hons) in Midwifery because I believe it would be a privilege to be in such a position. No other job is more honourable or rewarding.

I have been drawn to midwifery since a young age and I have always been astonished by Midwifery; mainly at the responsibilities involved and how gratifying the role is. Since then, I have been fascinated with the intricacy of the entire process; from the beginning stages of pregnancy to the postnatal stages. I have always wanted to work as a part of a multidisciplinary team where I can support, care and empower women through the most incredible time of their life. I have developed a deep understanding of the role and the requirements involved with Midwifery, through the work experience I have completed. My placements include a nursery, mother and baby groups, creches and pregnant mother sessions, relating to the NMC code of practice. During my placement in the nursery, I was able to work with a variety of ethnic groups and learnt the importance of promoting diversity. I learnt how to effectively communicate with all ages and built upon my interpersonal skills; I also gained patience and tolerance. At the mother and baby groups, I developed my communication skills and established open and friendly bonds with the mothers and children, as well as an understanding of infant development. The creche sessions allowed me to have physical experiences with infants by developing and implementing appropriate care; ensuring I provide a safe, stimulating environment. This placement also helped me to appropriately liaise with parents, professionals and carers. Finally, my work experience within pregnant mother sessions allowed me to see the preparation stages of the labour process. I communicated appropriately with expectant mothers and indulged in my compassionate, non-judgemental side.

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In all placements, I constantly interacted with children, infants and their families; this conveys my great social skills and my friendly, supportive, professional nature. I was still attending education during these times, reflecting my determination and commitment. I have always had such a strong, full commitment to a future within Midwifery which my options at college and secondary school were chosen to correspond. Studying Health and Social Care since school has been highly beneficial as it has helped me understand the importance of caring and supporting people of different ages, cultures and needs. I have learnt about care values and how to apply them to my chosen career path, as well as everyday life. I also keep up to date with blogs and newsletters; such as midwifediaries. com and Midwifery Digest. This helps me keep up to date with developments within Midwifery.

I also chose to study Psychology which helps me understand cognition, behaviour and emotion. It allows me to understand the role of mental functions and social behaviour, especially in considerably vulnerable individuals. I am able to understand these individuals in further detail by understanding functions that go beyond body language, so I will be able to provide a better service to pregnant women. I am also carrying out an Extended Project Qualification about substance abuse and pregnancy. I have chosen the topic of drugs and the effects on pregnancy, the mother and the baby. This will involve a 5000 word essay and will increase my planning, time management and creativity skills. As an individual, I am very academic and aware of people’s differences and personal qualities; taking these into consideration at all times. I show dedication and a supportive and charitable personality, working successfully within a team, whilst being dedicated and disciplined.

I truly believe I will be an asset to the university because of my compassionate, courageous and enthusiastic persona. I am committed and extremely passionate about the course that I want to study and I hope I can pursue my dreams and ambitions of becoming a Midwife.


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