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My Power And Inspiration to Work As a Team in a Project

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I believe that I have strong evaluation skills that allow me to assess assigned tasks. Ability to communicate well with others is an important skill that I possess. This skill will help me to coordinate with team members and complete the work on time. I have strong listening skills which enable me to take down notes during meetings. Presenting reports in group debates and collaborating with team members has enabled me to develop verbal communication skills. I have realized that note taking ensures that I listen carefully and decode information. I possess great creativity which helps me to turn simple ideas into something significant through teamwork efforts.

Working as a team will help me to develop both academic and personal skills as an independent learner. I think working as a team will assist in sharing ideas throughout the project phase. Teamwork enhances productivity and cooperation. Being assigned different kind of research tasks requires oral or written presentation I will apply different kinds of skills such as critical thinking, teamwork skills, as well as time management. I am positive that I will cooperate with the group members to deliver the best during the project period.

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Time management has proved to be one of my strengths in previous tasks. However, I still think that there is always room for improvement. Referencing is one of my weakest points. But, I am hoping to understand all the rules and pay more attention to preventing any mistakes. I understand the significance of using the correct referencing style in any form of academic writing. It helps one to avoid plagiarisms issues. I have a problem in controlling my temper. This can result in regrets later on. I want to use that energy in a positive way and avoid futile confrontations.

Personal development plan

I believe on this project will help me to gain critical analysis skills. This will help me to enhance the ability to draw conclusions from evidence. Development of critical analytical skills is essential in improving my performance in the succeeding assignments. I want to gain oral presentation skills. This is the ability to talk and act confidently regardless of the situation or the audience. I believe that working in a group will enable me to voice out my opinions and try out new ideas. Working on this project will give me new opportunities and the ability to influence others due to the great confidence level.

I want to take control of stressful situations. I have realized that I have issues pressing hard for my suggestions, notions, and decisions in a group setting. I wish to give suggestions when team members need to make critical decisions.

I must admit that working on the project as a team can be a bit challenging due to lack of coordination highly likely in a group setting. Also, completing the projects can be overwhelming due to several assignments and exams throughout the semester. It can get frustrating but working as a team helps. We can achieve set goals by focusing and avoiding any distractions considering that there is a limited time. Receiving feedback on both group activities and individual activities will help me work on my weaknesses and further develop my strengths. Completion of this assignment will allow me to create an action plan for further improvement and identify improvement strategies.


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