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Personal Computers (PC) security (Also known as digital security) is data security as connected toward PCs then systems. The field covers every one of the processes and instruments by which PC based hardware, data and administrations are shielded from unintended or unapproved access, change or decimation. PC security additionally incorporates assurance from impromptu occasions and cataclysmic events.

Something else, in the PC business, the term security – or the expression PC security – alludes to methods for guaranteeing that information put away in a PC can’t be perused or imperiled by any people without approval. Most PC safety efforts include information encryption and passwords. Information encryption is the clarification of data into a frame that is incomprehensible without a decoding instrument. A watchword is a mystery word or expression that gives a client access to a specific program or framework.

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On the off chance that you don’t find a way to secure your work PC, you put it and all the data on it in danger. You can possibly trade off the activity of different PCs on your association’s system, or even the working of the system all in all.

Security is one of the major concerns today as the PC are often used to store the data and that data may be very confidential therefore it is one of the most important task to secure the data present in the systems. In this work we are proposing an algorithm which helps to take control of the images shared on Online Social Networks (OSN’s).


  • Providing Security to the operator uploaded data by providing efficient access control.
  • Providing user to set the situations on their uploaded images.

Problem Statement

In the surviving works, the operator can upload the pictures and can secure them by applying the confidentiality policies like can display only to the friends etc. but the photos can be tagged by other users straightforwardly. There was no facial recognition algorithm used which can avoid other friends in Online Social Networking site tagging them if there face is recognized by the algorithm.

Scope of the Project

Present system has the problem with security of the user uploaded images, we are providing the protection settings for the every end client utilizing polices more secured than the existing system.

Organization of the Report:

  • First describes about Image Processing introduction, Scope of the project, Objectives and problem statement.
  • Describes about Literature audit about the past work.
  • Describes about the System prerequisite.
  • Describes about the System outline.
  • Describes about the Execution subtle elements and modules.
  • Describes about the System testing and its sorts and methodologies in testing
  • Contains the depictions of the development

Finally we have assumption and references.

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