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My Professional Experience Was Of Great Help in My Skills Developing

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My seven years of professional experience, in a prestigious organization like General Electric, have played a significant role in shaping several of my current competencies. Having successfully led various execution projects within pre-defined timelines and budgets in a systematic manner, I was able to build on my existing leadership and management skills. There were times when a particular project circumstance demanded custom designing of new products. These exposures helped me develop conceptual skills, required to solve complicated situations through innovative out-of -the box thinking. One of the key challenge faced by the execution team is the continuous delay and change in inputs as the project progresses. Since meeting deadlines is the most crucial aspect of any project execution, I learnt to become more and more flexible and resilient, so that I could deliver the products on time with the right quality. It was during these challenging times that my problem-solving skills got honed, as I tried to optimize timelines of some internal activities by taking calculated risks and through strategic planning. My work also involved data interpretation and representation, an experience that increased my confidence on my analytical abilities.

In my current as well as previous roles, I had to interact and coordinate with global cross-functional teams on a regular basis. These interactions not only helped me improve my communication skills, but also helped me develop effective negotiation skills. An example of this was the substantial optimization of steel tonnage in the design of watch towers for an Iraq based project, wherein my role was to convince our design partners to make a drastic change to their design concept which involved a lot of re-work within a very tight schedule. My current as well as previous team was partly seated in India while partly in other parts of the world like Korea, USA, Indonesia and France. In fact, my current manager sits at Belfort, France. My continuous interactions with these team members have helped me acquire capabilities to work efficiently in a virtual world, which is increasingly becoming a trend in most organizations. These interactions also helped me polish my inter-personal skills, as I got along well with everyone, ranging from people with different cultural backgrounds to different nationalities. Most of the projects which I have been a part of were executed as a team, and having worked with various teams, I can confidently say that I have developed great team coordination skills.

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My current organisation provided me vast opportunities to demonstrate and improve my organizational skills. Apart from my designated area of work, I was actively involved in organising various cultural as well as social events in my organization. As a volunteer of GE HeathAhead group, I took initiative and organized a 4-month fitness program and another 3-month nutrition program for the more than 1000 employees based at Noida location. I was an active member of the Employee Engagement Committee and organised various rejuvenating events for the employees. I was also involved with some corporate social causes such as Rally for Rivers and Cloth Donation Boot Camp – in collaboration with the NGO Goonj. I organised the Engineering Recognition Day, a prestigious award show which marks the presence of top GE management, two years in a row for my location. I also received GE Bronze Impact Award for successfully organizing such an inspiring awards night.

Thus, my professional experience was of great help in developing and nurturing my key competencies such as my leadership, management, conceptual, problem-solving, analytical, communication, negotiation, inter-personal, and organisational skills.


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