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My Pursue to Become a Professional Soccer Player

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Running, passing, dribbling, and shooting. Since I was young, I admired Messi and watched a lot of his videos, and I always wanted to become a professional soccer player as I grow up. To become a fit, healthy person, and to get better at soccer, I will create a new habit of playing and practicing soccer each evening at 5:00 pm every Monday to Thursday for forty-five minutes after work. I know sticking to a new habit is not easy, but a repetition of practicing soccer weekly will get me into a routine.

To create a new habit, I will set an alarm on my phone to remind me whenever I go to work; when my alarm goes off in the evening, it means it’s time to go straight to the field and practice soccer. If practicing soccer is not a habit, the cue from the alarm will trigger my memory that it’s time for exercises. Besides, I can put my jersey, socks, and cleats into my car the day before I go to work. In return, I don’t have to drive all the way back home after work to get ready. If I go home, my energy will go down and I will feel lazy because when I see my sofa, all I will want to do is lay down and rest. Also, I will have Messi’s poster inside my room, my favorite soccer player in the world, so whenever I wake up in the morning the first thing I see is a poster, which reminds me how hard I must train to become a great soccer player as Messi is. Furthermore, I plan to practice soccer for forty-five minutes four days a week. First thing I will do when I get to the field is warm up by running five laps and stretching my top parts to the bottom. In a game, as a midfielder, most of the time I send the ball all the way down to the field to make a deadly counterattack, and to do that, I must practice long passing in every training. Dribbling the ball is also a very important skill in soccer. In a video, I saw Messi pass by five-six player just with his dribbling, and I am always amazed by his dribbling skills. In every practice, I will spend five to ten minutes just dribbling the ball around cones, because when I do this I teach myself a habit to roll the ball with my feet and pass opponents just like I move the ball around the cones. Sometimes, I will apply what I learned in training for a real game. A routine which enables me to do things without having to think too much about them.

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In fact, the habit of playing and practicing soccer weekly, once created, my health, fitness and overall well-being can be improving. Doing school work and going to work at the same time always makes me stressed out, but playing soccer will help me increase my ability to deal with stress and reduces the symptoms of depression. Furthermore, my soccer skills will be improving and sharpening after each practice. The best reward is that I will fit into skinny jeans, which I couldn’t before because I was overweight, and I will be satisfied with the result of how my shape will change incredibly. Even though I eat a lot of foods, my weight will not go up that much because playing soccer is simply a heavy work-out. I must run a lot, be out the sun, and stay hydrated which is good for my body, and that’s how I keep my body in shape. Believe or not, after this new habit will emerge into my brain, I will crave to score. I will crave the feeling of victory. Nothing is better than overcoming myself and aiming for something that is bigger; that’s what my mindset is before every game, so I crave for a win that I can beat every team that I go up against. Playing soccer isn’t just an exercise; it’s also competitive, which allows a competitor like me to chase a triumph and learn to be better and better after each match. I love to be on the field, and my goal is to live like a legacy, so people can watch and learn from me. This goal will help me to push myself back up whenever I fail because there is no failure, it is how hard I try just to achieve my dream. Success is not free, we have to earn it through dedication and hard working.

The long-term effects of doing this new habit will help me avoid obesity and eat more healthily. When I am outside and playing soccer, my body is constantly burning fat, and it will eventually prevent me from getting any illness or disease, compare who doesn’t exercise. The more I practice the more durable I play in each match, for example, I used to not last longer than the first half. However, if I follow this new habit, it will boost up my stamina to remain in both halves, so I can enjoy the whole game with my teammates without getting worry to be substitute. Also, my dad always shows up and encourages me at every practice, his support leads me forward to accomplish my dream and goal. Most importantly, I must believe in myself, by telling myself that I can do it and one day I will be the top player in a league. The combination of cues and rewards will be the key to start and maintain practicing soccer as a habit. There is a quote from Billie Jean King that I really like, he says: “Champions keep playing until they get it right.” This means all the famous players in the world had to go over a tough process before they are as successful as they are today, if they all can, so can I.


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