My Reaction to the Book "We Are All Made of Molecules".

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The message that I have gotten from this novel was to “learn to cope with the differences of others” (Anonymous, 2015). Throughout the novel, Ashley had to get used to Stewart himself. For instance, ever since Stewart (a “nerd”) and his father moved in with her and her mother (their parents are dating), “she felt as if her place on the social ladder would plummet” (Anonymous, 2015) if anyone found out about their stay. She later realizes that social status doesn’t matter and appreciates Stewart for who he is. I think that this book is targeted towards teenagers because we can be very prejudiced ourselves; we tend to leave the “nerds” out of our friend groups and stay away from them. The author was successful in getting her message across because in the story, Ashley made some bad choices that Stewart said not to make. For example, he suggested to Ashley “to not invite numerous people to the party”, but she refused to listen to him just because he’s a “nerd”. That party ended horribly with Ashley almost getting raped.

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I would recommend this novel to a friend for a plethora of reasons. Firstly, the author has an admirable sense of humour that kept me interested in the novel. Secondly, the plot was super intriguing; the action never stopped, and it always kept me on the edge of my seat. Also, this book is an effortless, fast read. The story can also be relatable for some teenagers who are discriminated for their social status since Stewart was bullied for being an unknown, geeky kid. I’d rate it a perfect 10/10. (just a side note, these are also my “good points”. I didn’t have any bad points.)

This book isn’t a part of a series, but the author, Susin Nielsen, has a wide selection of books she’s written, such as “Optimists Die First”, the “Degrassi: Junior High” series, “No Fixed Address”, and about 20 more (Neilsen, S 2014). Her novels are generally humourous and packed with action. She mainly writes about social issues like bullying, sexuality, divorce, etc. To add on, her writing is targeted at young adults and teenagers. I really enjoyed this novel; I would definitely read more of her work in the near future.

This novel actually helped me in a way; I learned to not discriminate against others and to not care about what others think about my choices. Although I have never discriminated someone, I know to not ever do that in the coming years and treat everyone equally. “We Are All Made Of Molecules” is a tremendous read filled with love, regrets, and conflict.

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