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My experiences with English writing and reading has changed over the years as I experience more as I grow up. From thinking that writing was tedious to believing that writing is expressive and vibrant. From an elementary student to where I am today as a college student. I have many good and bad experiences in writing which led to the writer I am today. Even though I grew up speaking Spanish as my first native language I also was being taught in school English nearly the same time as a child. I grew up speaking both languages fluently but obviously, I spoke English more at home; I still do it to this day. Reading came very easily to me. The alphabet sank into my head. I could sound out words and be amazed at spelling during my school years.

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My English reading and writing experience throughout school were becoming easy. I read articles or books and answer the questions if needed to be. I understood what I read and understood to others with no problems or interruptions. Reading was one of my strong subjects as I was considered a better reader by most of my peers. Although I did not enjoy reading when I was younger. Books were boring and were too long filled with filler that made me lose interest. At age twelve, I found the Halo novels series that brought the enjoyment of reading to life. Authors such as John Shirley and Joseph Staten those authors helped me find what reading does and what purpose reading serves: To entertain and educate. Through finding what reading is to me, it helped me found what writing is really about. The writing was a thing I was not too fond of, however, at the beginning of my school years.

During elementary school, I always thought that writing was dull. Just a piece of paper with ink that spells out words. Meaningless. Boring. Hollow. Of course, I knew that people wrote to entertain or record history but writing had no personality to me. I hated when teachers would ask me, “what did the paper make feel good or bad about yourself? I would respond to making up lies or something that would correspond to the paper to look like I was trying. My writing during elementary school was very dull at best. I wrote what they wanted and I just wrote what was needed for the assignment. No personality was ever put in. It was Meaningless. Boring. My writing was hallow. This habit continued until my seventh grade year of school. My ex English teacher Mrs. Gomez was one of the best English teachers I have ever had in middle school. She had taught me writing differently than my previous English teachers. I had the privilege to study under. She explained, “That writing enlargement of your words. Words that are on a piece of paper that resonates with your voice without making a sound.” Through her lessons, I began what to know what writing truly was. As I was writing more, I felt the emotions come to me. My writing was becoming Vibrant.

My writing and reading have been improving as we get closer to the modern days. From seeing reading as pointless text that we read for nothing to being able to learn from it and see the writer’s intent. To understand what the author’s intent is. To take apart a paper to understand it word by word, I can express without my mouth talking. To share the emotions and expressing myself to my audience through ink and paper. I have yet to perfect my writing but now I can truly write a good decent paper. 

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