My Reflection on My Educational Goals

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“A man's mind, stretched by new ideas, may never return to its original dimensions.” Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. As a young man who is aiming to attain higher education, I have decided to take the bull by the horn and do away with procrastination. My higher educational journey has finally begun with Nexford University.

My joy and enthusiasm were when I started with my first module- Building and working towards academic, business and career goals. Reflecting on this module, I have learned new things that will help me in both my academic and career success. With this, I have learned how to identify my work values and it is important for me to align my personal and work value because they are the very essential things on my day to day basis. I have further learned that in considering any job offer, I have to take into consideration my personality, values, and ideas to that of my prospective employer’s cooperate culture.

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It was very surprising to me about the findings, reading and studying my report on my career and the explanation of my unique traits really made me astonished. My personality type according to Dr. Holland which is known as Holland code made me aware that I have a personality type that includes conventional, social, enterprising investigative and realistic. This can be summed up as CESIAR according to Holland code. It was surprising my personality type has something to do with my job or occupation. With this report, I am now aware of jobs such as insurance Clark, cashier, loan officer and among others fits into my personality type. What this, however, tells me is that my personality type can determine my job or occupation and it very surprising to me because I am not aware of it. Reading my report only left me with the statement ‘ah-ha with a total agreement to all the findings.

With all said and done, whiles reading and learning this module, one particular part which is very interesting was how I can identify my purpose (Why). I have learned that knowing or discovering my why will enable me to find my career path and also help me defines success as well as see how I can put my personal, academic and career paths into action. However, reading through the module and the video, I find it difficult on how to discover my why. Even though, I understand how important it is to me to identify my why. Therefore, how to identify my why is now a challenge to me. As the saying goes ‘Rome was not built in a day’, I believe with time and continuous learning and reading, I will defiantly know how to discover my why.

To crown it all, I agree with all the findings and reflecting on it each day will propel me to reach my goals. Martin King Luther Jr, once said ‘the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically intelligence plus character- that is the true function of education. This, however, changes my perception on how to go about things in my life and learning with Nexford University, I will reach my goal.

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