My Report on Data Driven Decision

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Dear Mr. Martell,

Based on our official meeting at your office on the 16th of July, I am quite confident and convinced hence I am hereby sending you a report based on the Data Driven Decision Making in leading business across New Zealand. As per your recommendation’s, I have done some deep research on various successful markets, their requirement for Data Driven Decision in New Zealand property information and analytics industries and what is the current situation, requirements and challenges that can be incurred.

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In my report you will see detailed information on Decision making theories and different frame works which is currently utilised in different organisations while implementing Data Driven Decisions (3-Ds).

For your kind understanding, I have also included the various challenges that we can encounter when utilising Data driven decisions and how to mitigate and over come them. This will also help us to learn how to implement and utilise Data driven decisions at CoreLogic NZ Ltd which can not only bring transition improvement in the way of working and culture but also bring huge profits to the company by investing a one-time Capital of only $50,000.

I will like to add that we will encounter challenges, however I am quite convinced and confident that with your kind permission we can start using the Data driven decision based on the quick reports that can be generated and make highly informed decisions based on facts and figures rather than still go by the old school or traditional way of working.

I will like to sincerely thank you for giving me this opportunity as a Lead Data Analyst and hope to implement and began our transition of working based on data driven decisions. I look forward to meeting you in person on the 16th of September and we can take this decision to the next level of getting things implemented at the earliest.

Yours Faithfully,

D. Dawson

Darryll Dawson

Executive Summary

Based on my report of 3D- Data driven decision, I have done some extensive research on various markets around the world and most importantly I have identified how companies in NewZealand are utilising data to make decisions.

My research on Data driven decision has led to identifying that companies that are utilising and implementing IT in their companies are 5 times higher profitable and more advanced when compared to the companies who do use technology.

However, on the other hand we also come across various challenges that can be a hinderance when it comes to company’s using data driven decision and how we can over come to mitigate these obstacles.

My report also contains a detailed literature review on Data driven decision, which involves the various theories and models that are being implemented by other successful companies, and most importantly we also see case studies of companies in the Education sector utilise Big data and analytics which not only helps the company to identify the challenges, but also helps to forecast the future and predictions.

Finally, my report has a detailed list of how we can implement and transit CoreLogic NZ Ltd into a data driven decision company using a small investment of $50,000.

To conclude, I am quite confident and highly recommend CoreLogic New Zealand to transit and began utilising data driven decisions. I foresee a lot of potential and by implementing the IT, with latest Analytics and Software tools, CoreLogic NZ Ltd can surely be a leading property information, analytics and service provider across NewZealand and also compete across the globe.


In my literature review, we see in todays modern world of technology, Big data is the latest coined word and most important phenomenon widely used across the globe. However, the value of utilising Data and its main capabilities needs to be very carefully created, integrated and collected in such a way that it provides us with a clean and transformed information that can be utilised for making highly informed and accurate data driven decision making in organisations(Picciano 2014).

Report Section Task 1.1: –

Firstly, in this literature review, we see that Decision making can be defined as choosing the best alternatives in order to make complex management process much easier when it comes to planning, policy making and budgeting to bring better profits and easier working conditions in tough and complex situations.

In this review we come across one of the case studies which was conducted on Big data and learning analytics in the education environment in South Africa. The study shows cases the frameworks of strategies that was implemented to: –

1. Identify at risk students in a timely manner.

2. Monitor student’s persistence on a regular basis and finally,

3. Develop an evidence base for program planning and learning support strategies which could be used in the university(Picciano 2014).

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