My Review of the Main Ideas in the Movie "Get Out"

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The core of this film transpire when Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), an African-American guy and a great photographer, was invited by his girlfriend, Rose (Allison Williams), to visit her predominantly white, upper-middle class family, Dean (Bradley Whitford), a neurosurgeon; and Missy Armitage (Catherine Keener), a hypnotist, for the weekend. As soon as Chris set foot in the Armitage’s residence, he noticed the family’s groundkeeper, Walter (Marcus Henderson), and the housekeeper, Georgina (Betty Gabriel), who are also both an African-American people but acts different and very odd. The family warmly welcomed Chris until Mr. and Mrs. Armitage observed that Chris smokes, even though he was not caught in the act, and offered to cure him from his nasty habit through hypnosis. Throughout his stay, he discovered and experienced series of alarming things that he never could have imagined.

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‘Get Out’, a horror-thriller-suspense-mystery addresses relevant issues associated to race, is the kind of an outlandish film that will make the audience question humanity and reality. It is more than just what the audience suspected it to be because it has an original concept and a deeper and darker content that took the American film industry to another level. It tackled mature material like violence, vices and some sexual content, which is not suitable for younger audiences. However, it is very engaging to older viewers, even if it narrates a specific story that portrays a not universal or common background to all.

Each scene conveys concise moments of bizarreness that made the audience spin and turn in a rollercoaster ride. Its fiery musical score, cinematography and script intensify the movie’s approach to suspense. The most heart-pounding and thrilling moments revolve around Chris and Rod (Lil Howery), an agent and Chris’ friend, investigating and figuring a way out of the family’s residence and captivity. The great acting of the characters created a great effect on the overall impact of the film.

Written and directed by Jordan Peele, ‘Get Out’ is considered a huge risk as it tackles serious and timeless issue in the society. It credits what Blum’s production house has been known of; success in executing political horror.

No race is superior to any race as it represents beauty in culture and religion of every person of every color. With that being said, as individuals, we also have different sets of abilities, skills, knowledge and features that makes us beautiful and unique. Making other’s life miserable just to feel mighty about ourselves is not acceptable. In this movie, I also learned to not trust people so easily because the person we think we know now may not be the same person tomorrow.

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