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My Strengths And Weaknesses According to The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Test

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This essay is going to be about how I am personified by the MBTI test. I will be describing one of my strengths which is being able to connect with others and one of my weaknesses which is being inflexible. One strength I have is being able to connect with others and that means you can understand the struggles or achievements that the person has been through.

If you connect with somebody just because you don’t like the same person or same thing, you are connecting but in a negative way and when you think about it, it’s not really connecting because y’all came together by being pessimistic towards somebody or something. Being able to connect with others in my future career which is to be a veterinarian is important because in order to have a strong bond with your patients owner or owners you have to be able to connect with them so you can gain their trust so they will allow you to work on their pets no matter how known you are they will choose somebody that they know over somebody they don’t, even though it could be more expensive. When you are working on a specific animal it could require you to work as a team because the situation could be bigger than what one person can handle and you are going to have to be on the same page in order to save the patient’s life or lower the risk of them not making it through the procedure.

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One weakness I have is being inflexible, which means I can’t go from one thing to another. Veterinarians have to be flexible because they could be working on one animal and when they are concluded with that animal they have to go to another animal but it could be a different species and you have to know the anatomy of that animal so you won’t put that specimen in danger of having bigger problems than what they came in for. I’m not flexible because if i’m working on something I won’t stop until i’m done, and that could be a catastrophe if I have an emergency with a patient but was already working with somebody in the office. In conclusion, one of my strengths are being able to connect with others and that is an important trait to have because you can make a lot of money and gain the trust of people and one of my weaknesses are not being flexible because when you work together with people it could get you a higher pay in your future and being inflexible can damage your career choice because you won’t be able to change your position where you work.


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